Gordon flies, HSV wins

On Saturday night the HSV was well prepared for the Cup semi-finals next Tuesday against the Sc Freiburg (live! From 20.45 clock at Gordon flies). Against KSC, the reds made direct operation and put the foundation stone for the later victory in half one – Glatzel by head and Vuskovic wonderfully by direct free kick paved the way. The Hamburgers also benefited from an early location of Gordon, who saw yellow-red after half an hour. In a relatively eventual second half, VAGNOMAN provided with a rich wholesale shot for the 3: 0 final score.

Later setback for St. Pauli

On the other hand, the FC St. Pauli remained on afternoon in the third game in a row without victory and suffered a late setback in the race for the SV Sandhausen. With a lot of Hamburg possession but little breakthrough, there was nothing countable to see at the hard forest for a long time. Only after a foul on Burgstaller in the penalty area there were penalty. The fouleste joined himself and met with chipball in the middle for the break guide. The SVS did not find any means to put St. Pauli from unsolvable tasks. Only in the nighttime time was Bachmann head to the spot and shocked the hamburgers with his hit to 1: 1.

Dresden continues to wait for a victory in the second half

They Beat Up Our Goalkeeper I Derby Days Hamburg - HSV v St Pauli
Dynamo Dresden also waits for the goatless draw against Holstein Kiel continued to win the first victory in the second half (0/7/6). The households were right for fun as Wriedt hit the latte in the first minute. Unfortunately, it was not the prelude for a thrilling initial phase, because the game was flattened and took a ride before changing before changing, but both teams lacked the efficiency in front of the gate. In the second half Kiel’s Keeper slipped the ball from his hands, but outside the penalty area, Gelios clarified, but he threw himself in the ball with his head. Just before the end of the game, it would have been able to ring, but Borello hesitated too long and gave the chance to achieve the gate of the day.

Hannover worshiped point in amendment

Hannover 96 has evidenced a draw in the game against Fortuna Düsseldorf despite a long-term negative. Although the households were really good in the game, but already cashed after a quarter of an hour after Hults unfortunate boarding a red card due to emergency brake. However, afterwards, the forva fell very much and the Lower Saxony kept the draw to the break without problems. The guests did not manage to use their majority for themselves. 96 defended Clever, while Düsseldorf mostly had the ball.