Unveiled in 2019, then remained quite mysterious since, Overwatch 2 finally seems ready to reveal into big pumps. It must be said that the closed beta is preparing to be deployed, at the same time as the Blizzcon who is back this year, for the greatest pleasure of his most loyal players. If the developers had already given some news about the state of the game last year and there is just a month, we have the right today to a focus on the character of Sojourn, through an Origin Story and even Gameplay provided by China. We learn from Sojourn to Canada, is part of the same military body as Soldier 76, but that she is working on solo now. With its Bad-Ass look and cybernetic implants, it is especially found that it has 2 firing modes with its big assault rifle, which is able to pull a powerful radius that can cross several times and do damage considerable. It can also create a magnetic field in which any action is slowed down, which gives it time to kill a maximum of opponents. Another interesting detail, it has thrusters in its legs, which allows it to make monstrous jumps. No release date is mentioned by Blizzard Entertainment, but with beta, you should know very soon.