Devs Sisters has proceeded with online showcase Devanau, which discloses new information of its games with its new work.

Cookie Runs in Devanau, on the 14th, Cookie Runs: Kingdom and Cookie Runs: Cookie Run IP New Witches with News of Oven Brake Cookie Run IP New Witch, Oven Mash, Project B, Fan Platform My Cookie Run, New IP Brick City and Dead Various information about the side club was first released for the first time.

Lee Ji-hoon, the representative of Devs Sisatz, said to the fans, with the greetings of the fans, “I would like to continue to grow up and support a lot of interest in the future of Devs Sisters to grow in the future.”

■ Cookie Run: Kingdom

Joe Kyung-hyun, Lee Eunji Joint General PD Cookie Run: I planted the future update plan of Kingdom. First of all, information on improvements in preparation was released. It is updated in the improvement of decorating related parts that were inconvenient, such as the kingdom decorating presets, decorating library convenience. In addition, many parts of the production delivery balance, arena experience, and new growth systems are expected to improve so that users can play more comfortably.

The following stories and news on the background. Users leave a new journey to meet a powerful cookie throughout the continent, and the story corresponding to the second film is held. In this process, the Krem Republic of the sea appears new. In the meantime, the Republic of the Ancient Vanilla kingdom, the kingdom of the Ancient Vanilla was held just before the Ganza kingdom was held upon the dark witch, and the fleeting cookies were established with indigenous cookies at the end of the continent. A new story, which is a dynamic place where the 9-person source of power is the center of power, housewealth, rich and poor, and a variety of cookies, and a new story related to Madeleens and Espresso Cookies will be released.

■ Cookie Run: Oven Brake

Cookie run: Oven brake had time to deal with the new news with the development of developers. Since its launch, we have been updated for more than 150 times, and 153 cookies were added. The information on new cookies has been released, and new stories on the fresh cookies will be disclosed in Season 7 this year. Content that users can take and run direct maps are also being prepared.

Byeongwoo Wook General PD was able to steadily rushed thanks to the support of users, and I tried to try to run for more than 10 years, for more than 20 years.

■ Cookie Run: Oven Mash

Cookie Run IP Cookie Runs: The Oven Mash is a real-time battle arena game of the concept of the Cookie’s Daemun. Various play modes are preparing, such as the original state mode, the treasure search mode, which is a battle with Battle Royal mode.

In the showcase, the play video of three modes was released. Wanted Star Mode will win the game with a team, and will win the relative cookies and win a lot of jelly. Far away from the sea map or cookie run: You can play the hill map of the dragon that appeared in Kingdom, and have a feature of the jump footrest or moving work for each map.

The battle, which is increasingly reduced, can only win a victory that 30 people have survived by 30 people. There is also a treasure search mode. Ten people proceed to one team and will be victorious to find three treasures in a wide map and take it to the goal point. Various enemies, puzzles, obstacles, etc. are blocking the way to go, and the process of frozen the frozen friendly, or the battle with the enemies can experience a variety of operations.

Cookies have skills and ultimate groups, and we have been consistent with the skills of cookies that were disclosed through existing works. It is scheduled to launch mobile and console versions by starting a PC version since this winter, aimed at launching the first quarter next year.

■ Project B

Project B is a new game of cookie run IP, Cookie Run: The Oven Brake team is a mobile 3D casual cooperative action game that is being made from last year. The actions and skills of unique cookies were started in a part that would be better showing, and more three-dimensional and cute 3D cookies appear.

It is characterized by an easy and casual manipulation sense and the personality of cookies. Strategic cooperative can be played such as defeating a giant boss. You can also see original cookies, including conventional cookies, fault taste, taste, and maple flavor. Project B will be released in 2023.

■ Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle

Cookie Run: The Witch’s Castle is a mobile puzzle adventure game, is a new game of cookie run ip. The cookies that have been baked in the witch’s oven have a life that has been living, and the story of the witch that has always existed in the Cookie Run Worldview with the Rain of Cookies.

Various cookies, including brave cookies, and you can enjoy a variety of factors, including puzzles, adventures, and prostitution. The user experiences the original story as a background of the witch, such as a maze. Cookie Run: The castle of the witch will be released in 2023.

■ My Cookie Run

My Cookie Run is a platform for fans who love cookies. Goodies, Cookie Run Original Webtoon, which is said to be able to communicate with fans closer through this. At that first step, a cookie run global store has been opened to support shipping services for overseas fans. Cookie Run Brick Collection, consisting of 1,454 bricks: Kingdom Cookie Saints were released together.

■ Brick City

Brick City is a new IP game that Devs Sisters is presenting. With mobile construction simulation games, you can build a desired building through Bricks, collect the finished buildings to build your own Brick City. The actual play video that builds a variety of buildings, including a part of the tutorial to build the ship to build a ship, built a ship.

It is characterized that it is possible to design and decorate the new space based on high degrees of freedom, as well as the growth of growth that produces architecture with bricks and develops the city. It is also possible to communicate with the world’s users and the city of each other and shared the drawings that are helpful, and shared them.

Brick City, full of cute character ‘Peppo’, and Brick City, full of cute brick buildings will be released.

■ Dead Side Club

NEW INFORMATION! Devsister's New Game! Cookie Run: Oven Smash

Deadside Club is a 3D transverse scroll shooting game, and it is a completely different atmosphere with the existing Devs Sisters IP that was cute and cute. The existing project name was a safe house, and Dev Sisters is the first to be presented first this year.

The player must survive until the enclosed building is in each room and progresses the battle, until the last 1. You can take advantage of various weapons such as guns, bombs, hooks, and you can get a monster and acquire coins to obtain more powerful weapons and supplies. There are many obstacles, including poison gas. In the showcase, with some of the trailer images and play scenes, information about ‘non-holder mode’, which hosts and intervenes the survival charging, with some of the play scenes, was also released.

Dead Side Club will proceed with the first CBT for 3 days from April 23 and will be released through steam in the mid 2022.