The performance of a player will not always be constant, regardless of how good it is. The same sounds true in baseball, and that is something that MLB The Show 22 intends to emulate with updated players qualifications every week. Here is How to update the lists in MLB The Show 22 .

We are going to give you a quick description of how they work. Each month, the performances of MLB players are analyzed in real life and their statistics within MLB The Show 22 are modified to reflect that. For example, if a player connects homers for fun, the rating of him will only increase.

On the other hand, if another player has been failing at the receptions, pending and, in general, having a bad time, his MLB the show 22 will go downhill. Everything is done with the aim of providing a more realistic and immersive baseball experience that emulates the ups and downs of the player’s shape.

How to update the lists in MLB The Show 22

Actually, this is a fairly simple issue, especially if you have your console permanently connected to an online connection.

If you do, simply load MLB The Show 22 and the game will automatically download the latest lists with updated statistics and qualifications from players. Then, all you need to do is enter the Diamond Dynasty menu, select the ROSTERS option and then save them manually in your game.

If your console is not permanently connected to the Internet, then you will not play with updated lists at MLB The Show 22. Instead, you must connect to the Internet, go to Diamond Dynasty, choose the lists and then manually save the updated lists in your game.

That’s all you need to know about How to update the lists in MLB The Show 22 . To get more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to look for latest MLB.

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