Netmarble has established a strategic partnership for Netmarble F & A, a subsidiary Netmarble F & A, established a strategic partnership for the development of the Comprehensive Content Platform Industry Kidarisuwi and Game Content and the Blocking Platform Business.

Bloxels EDU: Block Types

By this Convention, Netmarble F and Mr. Net Develop a game and metaverse content using the various IPs held by Kidarisuwi. In addition, the NFT business of the IP of IP held by Kidarisuwiography through the platform of Netmarble F & A is a developed block,

Kidarisuopi joins the Platform, Netmarble F & Sea block, which is the agreement, and secures a variety of users, including the Global Webtoon Web Novel Platform (Re Jinkomics, Springton, Delhi Toon), It is a plan to expand business.

Kidarisu TOUR DIALS has entered into a business affiliate with a global webtun, web novel platform, as a content company that has a product-operated byte dance and a webtoon of thousands of webtoons. Currently, we have been working on a lot of drama using IP.

Netmarble F & A is developing a block of games, digital human, entertainment, content (webtoon, web novel), and a block chain that has a block chain. In order to establish a metanomics ecosystem, it acquired a professional game ITum Games, a block chain, and acquired a virtual asset purse service company Bonotechnologies, recently acquired. In addition, Netmarble F & Se has been able to sign a partnership with Biennes to provide a platform, a technology infrastructure, and so on.

“The IPs held in Kidarisuwi,” said Netmabble F & Sea, said, “The IPs held in Kidarisuwi,” said Net Maisho, “Big IPs already proven to be in Korea and others,” he said, “It will show the various expansion of content on a block, which is a blocked platform,” Netmarble F & and “

“Kidarisuui, Kim Young-hoon said,” Kidarisuui has conducted a second copyright project based on the imaging of video using existing IP, but plans to expand business as a sales of digital guts such as mobile games and NFT. ” As the best partner, both companies will be a good opportunity for business expansion. “