Even twelve blows Woods’ residue was at +4 on Saturday night before his last 27 holes. Scheffler (-8) had just started his third round.

14 months ago Woods had almost lost his right leg as a result of a heavy auto-accident. “I’m lucky that I still live,” he said. For the Masters in Augusta in the outermost East Georgias, he nevertheless took his sixth triumph – he feels in the form of it, he had explained.

On his second round, the 46-year-old had struggled with strong winds on Friday. On Saturday he opened again in the white sweater on the Tea Olive with a Bogey, which he was able to reciprocate on the left-reaching second Doglegel hole (Par 5).

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At the Par4 hole “Magnolia” then, on which Woods was undergoing a Bogey on Saturday, he even needed six punches – of which four putts. A Bogey followed the nine. In 2019, Woods had recently won the Masters, at that time under heavy back pain.