LEGO STAR WARS THE SKYWALKER SAGA Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary
LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA is full of plot content, and the game includes the plots of all nine basic films. Each episode The game consists of five levels which themselves have three level tests . Inevitably, due to the huge size of the game, some tests will be more difficult than others, and for their completion, some prompts will be required. One of these examples is wet floor! Calling level in in account in Episode III: Revenge of Sith .

How to go through the wet gender! In the invoice

Wet floor! This is the third test of the first level OUT FOR THE COUNT. To perform this level test, players need to Kill a certain droid, using a rascal path . At this level, the players will need classroom character in their party. It is easiest to get characters class scoundrel after the end of the episode IV, when players unlock Chubacka and Khan Solo . Any of these characters can be used to pass this test in free game .

Follow the protected rolling droid, called Droidec , shown above. As soon as the droid appears in sight, aim to the area, circled above, playing a scounding in his group to put a trap on the enemy. It will destroy the droid and completes the level test.

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