The Riot Games tactical shooter is popular above all by its playability, but none of its rivals makes weapons as Valorant. However, they are not cheap, so every time there is a sale of any kind, it is not surprising that the players hurry to participate in the treatment. Here we will be explaining When the night market is updated in Valorant and how it works.

How does the night market work?

The Night Market of Valorant is a sale of arms masks once per act that randomly discounts six masks at various percentages. As you can see in the previous example, you will also be assigned masks randomly from different levels of rarity: ours was very lucky, in fact, with five purple and a legendary golden!

Unfortunately, he will not always get such a good selection and often, the masks will not be liked. Again, it is totally random, just like the discount percentages of each one.

When is the Valorant Night Market updated?

The nocturnal market of Valorant occurs once each act. In case you are not up to date, each act lasts approximately 50 days and there are three per episode. The night market you received this week for Act II of episode 4 will not be updated: You are stuck with the masks you have there. After 12 days, the night market will disappear and will not return until the next act (within about two months), when you will get a totally different alignment, so be sure to pick up the masks you want before they come back at its full price..

Keep in mind that your normal rotation of stores will never include the masks in your night market, so you will not have to worry about duplications.

That’s all you need to know about When the night market is updated in Valorant and how it works. To get more useful tips and information about the game, look for night market.

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