No More Robots Announced Retro FPS “ SLAYERS X: Terminal AfterMath: Vengance of the Slayer ” for PC.

This work is a “Zen-Lofton” of “Hypnospace Outlaw” released by the company, “Zen Lofton”, who was making a friend in 1998. ” The comic “SLAYERS X” with the protrusion of the Zen Writing is the original, and the band “SEPAGE” and “PSYKO SYNDIKATE” appearing in the game are in charge of music.

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According to the store page, the X Slayer and Zen will fight to protect the Earth, regardless of the “Meccha villain” Psyko Sindikate. Weapons have various types of blades, double pistors, rocket launchers, etc.

You can also participate in the Steam beta by applying to the form, and you can receive game information at any time with Discord and Twitter.

The FPS “Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer” for Zenes will be released for PC in STeam.