A strong joker – and a clear wrong decision: The FC Augsburg has celebrated the next important victory in the fight against the descent in a heated game. The crew of coach Markus Weinzierl won the catching game against Mainz 05 with 2: 1 (1: 0) and has now six points on the relegation place in front of the guest match on Saturday at FC Bayern Munich. For the first time since September 2020, the Swabia get two victories sequentially.

“We have to make the team a giant compliment, they have held headed,” said Augsburg’s sports managing director Stefan Reuter at SKY: “That was the intense game we expected.”

FC Augsburg - 1. FSV Mainz 05 2-1 | Highlights | Matchday 26 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Augsburg went early in the lead, after a patzer of FSV goalkeeper Robin Zentner, Jeff Gouweleew turned a highly doubtful foul feet (11th) – the referee Matthias Jölenbeck (Freiburg) later called “clear mistake”: “I saw it live Then I saw it at the halftime, that were two worlds. Maybe I did not describe the perception on the square clean enough. It’s all about my cap, but I would have wished me that I’m still corrected, “he said View of video assistant Tobias Stieler.

The Mainz Coach Bo Svensson looked like it: “I do not understand why he is not sent out. He is not blamed, what are the there in Cologne? Who will then get your wages? What if we play against the descent? Or What do the other teams from Bielefeld, Stuttgart and Hertha think at such a scene? “Svensson said rhetorical questions and said,” You wanted to clarify this with this video defer, but there are just too many crucial mistakes made. “

With the victory on Sunday against the VfL Wolfsburg (3: 0) in the back, the FCA began in front of 18,122 spectators now internally energetic and already had the chance to lead after 40 seconds: Läntechner’s header from a short distance but was just past the gate. Two more times packed FSV-Lastmann Zentner safely.

But then Zentner underlyed a bad mishap. A return pass from Stefan Bell he was far too far bouncing, low-tissue was only in between and then to the ground – the controversial penalty decision of Jöllenbeck remained, Captain Gouweleeuw transformed. “I would not give him,” Reuter also admitted. “Zentner pulls back. We were sure that the penalty was given.”

Zentner then spoke of a “very unsportable action” of Lechtechner. This in turn defended himself: “It has nothing to do with a swallow,” said the FCA striker: “I have felt a contact in any case, but if you see it, it was not a penalty.”

Mainz sports director Schmidt criticizes Cologne Keller

The Mainz sports director Martin Schmidt was later wondering about a “funny performance” of the referee team: the penalty can not explain “I do not understand, I do not understand why the Cologne basement does not help and leave the referee so a huge error. Now he is the Buhmann “

The leadership played the Augsburg in the cards. They let the guests come and lurked on counter – and almost conceded the fast compensation: the shot of Jonathan Burkardt only landed on the external network (26th). Andre Hahn briefly hit the Mainz Gate, but the hit was unknown after video proof because of a handpiel of the shooter (32.).

The game already wowed back and forth at this time, but the Mainz had great difficulties to enforce himself. Augsburg had consistently more and the better chances, but was unsorted at the counter hit by Widmer in the defense. The damper almost made in return of the inadequate unsecured Vargas, in the final phase, the game became more and more heated. Neu-Nationalist Anton statched the great opportunity for compensation (79.), but Rafal Gikiewicz was not just at the post at this moment.

FC Augsburg – 1. FSV Mainz 05: The votes

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “We managed to beat a good team with morality, heart and passion. This was a hard work for us today but with a very nice reward. Finally, you need it Of course, a bit of luck. That was a big step towards league. We now have a upholstery. But it’s not decided yet. I hope we work without coaching, because that was the case last year. “

Bo Svensson (coach Mainz 05): “We overslept the initial phase, but then caught us and played a good second half. We can do it, but we were not ready, we have to deal with us hard, what the willingness inherited from the beginning. The penalty was a crash mistake, that was in playing. We actually wanted to avoid something like that with the video deferred rider. “

FC Augsburg – 1. FSV Mainz 05: The listings

Augsburg : Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Oxford – Dorsch – Caligiuri (88. Framberger), Iago – Arne Maier (54th Gruezo) – Hahn (87. Moravek), Lechtechner (71. Pepi), Pedersen (54
, Vargas).
– Trainer: Weinzierl
Mainz : Zentner – Bell, Alexander Hack (78. Barreiro), Niakhate – Widmer, Kohr (62st Stöger), Martin – Lee (52st Stach), Boetius – Burkardt (77. Ingvartsen), Onisiwo.
– Trainer: Svensson
Referee : Dr.
Matthias Jöllenbeck (Freiburg)

Goals : 1: 0 Gouweleeuw (11th, foul feet), 1: 1 Widmer (54.), 2: 1 Vargas (56.)
Spectators : 18.122
Yellow Cards : Gruezo (5), Gouwelleuw (6) – Bell (8), Widmer

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