DEL-REECORDSCORER PATRICK MEIM has extended its contract for the ICE Tigers one day before the start of the Play-Off qualification, the ICE Tigers renewed by one year, Central Forces Ryan Stoa was bound in Nuremberg for two more seasons.

This shared the francs on Tuesday (19.30 / Magenta, ServusTV) against Düsseldorf EC – the Rhine countries had to start without their head coach \ – start in the pre-play-offs, on Monday.

His achievements on the ice and its character in the cabin are an elementary building block for the ICE Tigers.

Sports Director Stefan Ustorf

“Patrick’s share of our positive development is not high enough to assess. His achievements on the ice and its character in the cabin are an elementary building block for the Nuremberg Ice Tigers,” said sport director Stefan Ustorf.

Elte season in the Noris

The 39-year-old Reimer, who goes to the elevent season at the ICE Tigers in the coming season, has reached two milestones in the current season. At the end of November he had replaced DEG-Urgestein and ex-teammate Daniel Kreutzer as a record scorer of the DEL and his 1000th game was denied at the beginning of December.

Düsseldorfer EG - Nürnberg Ice Tigers | 42. Spieltag, 2021/2022 | MAGENTA SPORT
The Olympic Silver Medel Winner of Pyeongchang 2018 comes in 1017 del missions to 379 goals and 435 assists. “I still have a lot of fun fun in the cabin and on the ice, feel good healthy and look forward to that I can accompany the way of the Ice Tigers another year,” said Reimer.

Stoas experience and enthusiasm delight

Ryan Stoa remains two years longer in Nuremberg. Imago / Eibner

However, the 34-year-old Canadian Stoa signed a new two-year contract until the end of the season 2023/24. “With his experience and his enthusiasm, he has become very fast to an absolute leadership player in our team,” Ustorf justified further cooperation.

Stoa had come to Nuremberg for the current season from Sweden. With 15 goals and 18 assists in 46 games he is third best scorer and seventh best scorer in the Nuremberg team. Currently, Stoa is injured.

The scorer list of the DEL