With the tools of the expert you get in Lost Ark the best equipment for fishing, trees cases and Co. to make them, you need the manufacturing set of the expert. You will learn in this guide:

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* What to bring you the better tools
* How to get the sets
* What you need for it

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That’s what the expert tools are worthwhile

With various tools , materials can be collected in Lost Ark. With the ax, her trees for wood falls, with the fishing fishing to fishing. You can still go hunt for skins or search for relics.

You will get a introduction to the different crafts work during the main quests. You do small tasks and get your beginner sets with the green animal 1 tools.

The better your tool becomes, the more and more rare raw materials you get. For example, you can beat rare wood with the legendary Tier 4 tools of the expert , which you need for the expansion of your fortress. So it’s worth it.

How do I get manufacturing sets of the expert?

You can buy the manufacturing sets on the market for approx. 1,500 gold . This is a proud price and you have to farm a lot of gold.

But even in Item-Drops the coveted sets can be found. With a little luck, her manufacturing sets of the expert from the chests of secret dungeons. Tickets for these vaults you get in the course of the main squeege, by chaos portals or you will be in your fortress.

Since the manufacturing sets are very rare, it calculates that you have to do more than a dungeon run . Since the direct purchase may be worthwhile.

What do I need for the production of tools?

On your fortress you can acquire the legendary instructions for making the tools for 250 adventurer seals at the NPC Jeniff. Of course, individually for each device.

In your workshop you can now establish the coveted objects under the “Tools” tab . This requires:

  • 28 Tool manufacturing parts
  • 30x strong iron ore
  • 20x rare relics
  • 250 gold
  • 1x manufacturing set of the expert
  • At least workshop level 2

The production takes almost six hours.

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