About the performance of the teams at the Munich 4: 1 in Freiburg or the circumstance that the Bavarians are already nine points in front of the BVB, barely not spoken until Saturday night. Too very interested by the change error of the record champion shortly before the end.

Although sitting in Cologne, but somehow in the middle of it: Video repellence Felix Zwayer.

The situation was not noticed in the video cellar on the Rhine, but then it was given “via radio from the fourth official as well as a player a signal to the referee”. Freiburg’s national player Nico Schlotterbeck pointed Referee Christian Dingert Wild to gesturing that the record champion acted for a short time with twelve instead of eleven professionals.

“The players also pursue the game,” Zwayer explained with a smile: “If you play in undernoon, you will certainly be attentive.” Responding to the responsibility of the mistake, the borne Berliner replied: “In fact it was a concatenation in the case.”

From Bavaria’s Teammanager Kathleen Krüger was only “an incorrect number”, namely the 29th Coman earned earlier and until last year 2021 this number, but now bears the 11th, that’s why the Frenchman did not feel, and thus did not feel the Race. “Nevertheless, it is, of course, in the responsibility of the referee team to perform the change control-compliant,” Zwayer pushed. “In practice it is handled so that the task will be left to the fourth official.” In Freiburg, Arno Blos was a fourth official.

Several parties sudden

This normally controls the player and its equipment, explained Zwayer. Several parties have thus been shocked in said final phase. Prerequisite for an aftermath is an objection of the SC Freiburg. Only then would the DFB sports court be dealing with the case. Freiburg renounces an objection, has the original rating of the game. For this objection, the sports club has time until Monday time.

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“In fact, it is something that a sports court would clarify,” touched Zwayer, who does not believe in the success of such a potential appeal. Coman was finally “a fundamentally eligible player”. “In my view, this is not possible to compare with a situation in which a player is not in the game report.”

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