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A new video has been launched to show how Pablo Schreiber became Master Chief at AUREOLA TV series. When it comes to box office successes, it is a lot more than a healthy payment check. It is an intense physical challenge that often requires the actors to train rigorously not only to be able to comply with the standards and expectations of production, but also to achieve the appearance of the character that the actor is interpreting. This is a huge test for superheroes, but Pablo Schreiber recently learned what is needed to truly become Master Chief without the help of physical increases.

In the Universe of Halo, Master Chief measures 6 feet and 10 inches and weighs 287 pounds without armor. He is also fictional, so creators can say what they want and do not really matter. However, when they take him to live action, that has a certain weight. A new video behind cameras shows how Pablo Schreiber became the Spartan. Schreiber noticed that he measured 6 feet and 3 inches and weighed 145 pounds in high school, which became a naturally thin person who has difficulty gaining weight and muscle. However, this video shows the immense determination of it to be worthy of the Spartan armor. The actor said he had to consume 5000 calories with a specific mixture of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to achieve the desired results.

Schreiber seems to have endeavored to win the name of Chief Teacher. Although the Halo series is making an effort to show a side of Master Chief that fans have not seen before, the passion and understanding of Schreiber over the character shine. The series has already received a reception mostly positive of both fans and critics, which really says something given the status of video game adaptations. Paramount also confirmed that the Halo series had a record debut on its platform, destroying piedra yellow_lift _1883 as the previous record holder. The study has already given green light to Halo season 2, but there is still no release date or date of production start.

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