Sony has announced a new service combining PlayStation PlusStation Now, the name of which is from the beginning of June from PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Game Pass FINALLY REVEALED

According to Sony’s blog post, a new service offers subscribers more choice. In practice, this means the distribution of service to three levels:

PlayStation Plus Essential responds to the current PlayStation Plus service in practice. In addition to the monthly two free games and discounts, subscribers can play online and storing their recording on Sony’s cloud. The price will also remain at the level of today’s Plussa.

PlayStation Plus Extra adds to the cheapest level of approximately 400 PS4 and PS5-changing collection. The publications of both Sony and third parties are included, which can be downloaded to your own machine. The prices of this level vary from 14 euros to the euro hundred euros per year.

The highest level, that is, the PlayStation Plus Premium increases the collection yet with a fair 300 games of the parents’ consoles. Because even the PlayStation 5 is not compatible with old architectures, these games are streamlined from the cloud service. Premium subscribers are also offered access to certain new games before buying. The price of the Ökystic package is 16.99 € / month or 119.99 € / year.

The Games Industry website was interviewed Jim Ryan Stripped hopes for the appearance of all Sony’s own hits in PlayStation Plus directly in the publication: “As you know, we have not chosen this path for past services, and we will not choose it now.”

However, in the new service, however, there is at least death stranding, god of war, new death-manit and returnal.