Over there, 2020, it was announced that Oscar Isaac would be responsible for starring Solid Snake in the movie Live-Action of Metal Gear. Since then we have not had any kind of information related to the project, but fortunately, that changed with recent statements by the actor.

Oscar Isaac Talks About METAL GEAR SOLID Movie

During the premiere for the next series of Disney +, Moon Knight, IGN had the opportunity to briefly talk with Isaac and it was here where they asked him if he had something to say about the movie of Metal Gear. This was what he said about it:

“We are climbing through air ducts, we are looking for the story.”

Outside of that, we do not really know many other things about this future adaptation, except that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will be in charge of directing it. This filmmaker is a great friend of Hideo Kojima , so it makes sense that he has shown interest in heading the project next to Isaac .

Editor’s note: What gives me the project’s attention is that since its inception, Isaac has always shown interest in playing Solid Snake. It is clear that the actor feels great affection for the character, and although everything else goes wrong, I am sure that Isaac’s interpretation will be the most remarkable of the film.