The Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, Chairpamn Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, Chairpament) concluded the Korean Policy Society (Society of Institute (Sociors, Baseon, Mode) and ‘MOU (MOU) for Game Industry Policy Design.

The work agreement on this day is the Future Prediction and Policy Development, and the Development of Game Policy, and Information Policy Information Exchange, Joint Survey, Research and Analysis (Law and System, etc.) ▲ Metropolitan Change Policy seminars and workshops, policy forums, and ESG management, ▲ ESG management, social contribution, and social value-based public growth activities.

Gaming industry growth: South Korea top market amid rising demand
In the future, both agencies will continue to seek the global policy alternative to the game industry through game industry policy issue analysis, discovering common subjects, and opening the game policy seminar and forum jointly.

The Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, chairman of the game, said, “I believe that the 30-year traditional Korean Policy Society, which has been powerful has been working in the meantime, will be a strong force in the game industry,” said, “It is said,” It is a more precise and future-oriented game industry policy I look forward to saying, “he said.

In addition, the Policy Society of the Policy Institute said, “Meanwhile, our society has been working on a variety of policies to cooperate with various public institutions,” he said. “He said.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, in commemoration of the work agreement, Korea’s environmental policy prospects, innovation efforts, and understanding, and understanding of innovation and performance, and understanding the work of the game.