Danny Garay started the release of 2D action games “ Toziuha Night-Dracula’s Revenge ” and released a trailer together.

The use of the protagonist chain flager ‘s alchemy “Sandria” Roturated Dracula = Vrad Tepes. In the world view of dark fantasy, the past of the main character seems to be revealed through the battle.

The producer’s Danny Garay is a fan of Devil Castle Series, and has also been released with the series of “Toziuha Night-Order of the Alchemists”. The story of this work is the previous day. This work seems to be closer to the early Castle Vania, which is so-called Metroid Vania, which is so-called Metroid Vania, and the game content expanded with 16-32bit toning graphics in the published trailer is the recent popular “Vampire Survivors” It is a video that makes you feel “Devil Castle Law” in a different sense.

“Toziuha Night-Dracula’s Revenge” is available on PC (STeam), Itch.io, Google Playstore.