A limited range of e-mobile can no longer rely on who rejects the change to electric driving. There are now a streamer of almost all brands, in large and small, as SUV and as sports cars. Only electrical combi are so far rar, one sees once of the charges for 2023 loads Opel Astra-E sports tourers and Peugeot E-308 SW.

The fact that Audi wants to occupy this gap and must, is comprehensible: in many markets, including Germany, the avant models with the four rings are particularly in demand. The term “avant” has derived Audi of “avant-garde”, since 1977 the combi of the house carry this name. The A6 Avant E-Tron Concept introduced within the framework of the Annual Press Conference 2022 now points straight into an almost distant future. In 2024, the electric ladle master should come on the market, derived from the A6 E-Tron Limousine already shown last year.

Cooperation with Porsche

NEW Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept (2022) Wild Luxury Car
The 4.96 meter long, 1.96 meter wide and 1.44 meters high business combi based on the PPE platform developed together with Porsche (Premium Platform Electric), which is to carry a number of other models in the coming years. The design, so it relates from Ingolstadt, is already very standing. It combines a closed grille with short body covers and a stern that gets a conspicuous roof spoiler and a continuous luminaire tape as stylish elements.

Illuminated: To wait, remain whether it creates the illuminated audi rings into the production model. manufacturer

The fact that the wind is opposed particularly little resistance plays – keyword range – especially with electric cars an important role. The electric Avant carries the account with a particularly favorable CW value of 0.24. On windshirts, the Ingolstadt aerodynamicians are clearly value, even in the upscale middle class – the A6 predecessor AUDI 100 already brought it in 1982 on the then record value of 0.30.

If electric cars often belong to the species crossover or SUV, then the fact that the high-volume design offers ideal conditions for accommodating the drive batteries. In the case of the Avant E-Tron, the combination concept was therefore well implemented because the battery pack fails particularly flat. At capacity, 100 kWh are offered, according to WLTP, that should allow a range of up to 700 kilometers. After all, A6 drivers often go to the long distance, which should be possible unchanged in the electrical age.

Short charging break

This also opposes powerful 800 volt loading technology, which realizes high charging outputs of up to 270 kW and stops the stop at the electricity tank station coffee pause. In 20 minutes, the battery should be filled from five to 80 percent, and within ten minutes, energy is understood for 300 kilometers of route. At the AC wallbox, the A6 Avant E-TRON must endure eight hours to get a full 100 percent cargo.

The 350 kW / 476 hp study serves two electric motors, one drives the rear, the other the front axle, four-wheel drive (quattro). In addition, there will also be model variants with a naked rear wheel drive, which are then those who come across said 700 kilometers.

Striking: The roof edge spoiler at the rear. manufacturer

With special proud, Audi refers to the lighting qualities. So sitting on the sides of the body each three small high-resolution LED projectors, they welcome the passengers with characters in their national language. While still falling under the category “Cleep”, the aligned symbols projected on the ground have a serious safety function, for example, they attend cyclists to the fact that the vehicle door will open. Four other LED projectors on the vehicle catching in turn generate turn signal projections. And the digital matrix headlights on the front can be activated as they project video games across a wall on a wall. If you are lucky enough to find a corresponding area on the charging pillar, can endorse the charging time in this way.

Prices are still future music. If you take the Audi E-TRON GT as a reference size that costs 101,600 euros, something under this sum could be realistic.

None for the burner

The first Audi model based on the PPE platform will be presented ready to sery this year, 2023 the Q6 E-TRON should then go to trade. For the conventional A6 Avant with combustion engines does not expect that, it will be further developed. Electrically, Audi finally wants to become only 2033.