14 Minutes of Hogwarts Legacy NEW 4K Gameplay | State of Play March 2022
It was probably the most important appointment of the week, namely this State of Play entirely dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy: the Hogwarts Heritage, this RPG action in Open World taking place in the world of Harry Potter But somewhere in 1800, many years before the birth of the famous wizard. For more than 20 minutes, Warner Bros Games and the Avalanche Software studio have unfolded their presentation to officially introduce this gameplay that everyone has been waiting for several years now. As everyone knows, it will be possible to personalize his wizard of his head to the feet, to choose his sex of course and probably to grant him small fantasies, knowing that the creation tool should be inclusive if we believe in last rumors about it. In the construction of the story, once his character is created, we will obviously learn to become a real wizard, by studying the spells of magic in Hogwarts, arpearing the places and its surroundings, get to know other comrades, chaining the class class, but also confronting other students.

One can imagine this learning as the tutorial of the game, before being able to go beyond the Hogwarts walls and venture into distant and more obscure curtain. Because the threat will be pretty quickly, with the presence of goblins and black wizards, which will probably come to invade hogwarts at times. It will be necessary to be ready to face them, using the different spells of magic learning at the beginning of the game. Of course, like any respect that respects, Hogwarts Legacy: the Hogwarts heritage will make it possible to advance his character, with a tree skills, resources to pick up and enjoy extra features along the way. Obviously, this open world will also meet animals as amazing as odd, sometimes hugs, sometimes fierce.

The 14-minute gameplay video also allowed us to see that it will be possible to move in the air with the magic broom, which should facilitate allents and coming to the Open World. It will also be necessary with the sense of friendship, because the game will weave relationships with other wizards that will be able to support us later in some tasks of the adventure. Expected for the end of the year 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch, Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Heritage will be published by Warner Bros. Games under the PortKey Games label.