Humble Games announced the latest trailer, announced that the new farm simulation game “ CORAL Island ” to work successful last year Kickstarter campaign.

In this work, we start a new life on a large city. Find yourself while raising crops, taking care of animals, deepening interaction with town people, and change the island to a better location.

# Let’s make a farm who dreamed

Let’s transform the rough land of Coral Island into a beautiful green landscape. What is built and grows and decide what animals to take care of.

# Speed ​​your own story

Coral Island spun different stories in each season. Spend every day in search. Find a special person who can build life together in town. Save the sea. Challenge the cave where many monsters live. Focus on the growth of farms. Everything is to decide.

# I will do my own

Choose from a large amount of costumes, accessories and physique. There are many options to express yourself. I want to find my style and want to be myself.

# Maintain people with unique island people

Meet more than 50 characters with various positions living in Coral Island. Make a conversation and retrieve the content you are interested, and please be pleased with a perfect gift.

# Find a special person

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Know with 20 single people seeking encounters! Deep friendly, attract your heart, and find important people. And if you ready, let’s start a new chapter of the story at the farm together.

# Let’s revive the island that was a paradise

Let’s make Coral Island a better place for everyone! Join the community project and give lively to the town, extend the local museum and fix how to repair the ruins. Let’s raise the town rank and further enhance the community!

# Today’s prey

A lot of interesting things in the island life. For example, you can quickly make fun activities such as catching and catching fish.

# Mining in diving and caves in the sea

Go to diving and save coral reefs, or mines valuable stones in caves. Whatever you do, you should improve the tools and find things that improve the quality of livestock and crops.

“Coral Island”, which seems to enjoy calm gameplay, is scheduled to be released 2022 for Windows (STeam).