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When I was a home life, when I played a fun game I do not want to be seen in my family, We focused all nerves to detect the parent’s signs.

The remote control was placed beside the TV and placing the TV with the door, and the remote control was placed and hidden on the game machine.

No… Even if it comes to a sloppy game, there is a certain extent that the color element is a certain extent, so it doesn’t damage even if it is seen by the parent. If you think now, it is likely to be misunderstood that the person who has been known for this hidden is “**”. I think of me at that time.

This time, the Nintendose switch of the “**” launched from Inti Create. This work is an eye (gun) shooting that the hero who has become a super-mote man is tied to heroine, so it’s an eye (Gun) Shooting a girl who has confessed one after another. am.

In the Nintendose switch, other model version DLC costumes are almost recorded, and the opening movie is also updated.

I left my home… Now I’m no longer worrying anyone anymore, so I would like to have fun!

# One day Super Mote Festival Start!

First, set the character of the main character of the main character (** chop. A character including Gari Type, Sportsman Type, Fashionable Type is prepared, and the characteristics of study and exercise and the growth rate of each ability are different.

I used to make a character that made myself projected. The hairstyle is mohican, so in this work, it is natural to select the type of fashionable!

Well… My Mohican is fashionable or bandit.

There was a legend that is a school where Mine University went to. It is called “Motez Gimbe” that has a certain senior from a girl in school suddenly. When the senior confessed, she also has a rumor that she saw an angel who rises in the sky.

However, I know that the legend is not a lie.

A self-proclaimed elite angel appeared before the eyes of the peak, and the arrow of her love welcomed his life’s largest mote period.

Thus, the daily life of indecisive herbivorous men will change.

A girl in the melomero state is attracted to one after another. Jealous……!

However, due to the fact that the charge shot of 32 units was incorrect, the Mote period of life was condensed today and it has been made unmoted from tomorrow to the lifestyle from tomorrow! **

…… If me, it is not a chance to change from now on the life until now.

Well then… I wonder if it is also good. I do not know about peaks.

# Find the weakness of girls and let me go to Melomero!

Mine large, must be able to find a truly loved one because it is swayed by the atmosphere of the spot and not tied with a tequito girl.

The player will defeat the girl who is attracted to the Moteora one after another in the pheromon shot.

Speaking of “Gunshuting Games of Gentle Worlds with Girls” Will the game content easy to understand.

If you allow the approach of the girl, you will be hugged or treaded to eat damage. It is more important to prevent it to be not coming.

There is also a feeling that you want to get close as it is, but it is self-control…!

Girls have weak point sites such as their head and chest, and if you attack there, you will be given great damage.

If you use zoom mode to examine the weak point part…

Good…… Clothes, not transparent?

Yes, while the obstacle is transparent during zoom, the girl who is hiding in the grass and so on can be found quickly. Clothes are transmitted… It looks like it is not related to capture.

Besides, the zoom function can be said that the zoom function is hidden because the girl’s profile can view.

Underwear…… I was not going to see, but I can’t help it because it looks! That system!

By the way, the underwear that appears 450 types. The directivity of the developer’s commitment is too sharp.

# This book is…… Selling at such a school! ?

When the stage is cleared, the adventure part starts. Various options are available for conversations with girls.

However, there is something that requires a specific capability value, and if the image above is the above image, the option of “Pero Pero” is the value of “etch”…… It can not be chosen if the etch is not high.

To raise each capabilities value, purchase the corresponding item at the purchasing department that can be performed after the stage clearing.

Can I buy a naughty book to raise the etch……

Don’t sell at school!

…… I thought, but a size checker measuring the girl’s third size quickly and a girl’s chest that makes it possible to see a small number of angels. It will not be.

Besides, the ability value increases by rushing into the pounding mode in the shooting part.

In the pounding mode, girls are appreciated from various angles and they are tricked to touch sensitive parts.

When the girl’s pounding reaches the highest tide within the time limit, it will be ascension!

Girls’ s souvenirs are played by all means!



…… If you notice it, I played for many hours.

When I was a home life, I was aware that my parents did not hear the sound that closer to the room and the door knocking, so I could not concentrate on the game. Now that I am independent, I can play with my eyes and I can play without worrying about it!

Who’s eyes……

Don’t worry……

Kitty! Don’t show me!

Did you feel the strange atmosphere of the owner….

I was able to clear it in about 2 to 3 hours. Ending changes per heroine to be captured, so you can enjoy everything. I have already rushed into the fifth lap.

The shooting part was over 5 minutes every 5 minutes, and I was able to play until the end without being dull on the way. Because other model version DLC costumes are almost recorded, I’m glad to wear a lot of costumes from the beginning! Costumes are from neta-based things. I like the glasses girl, so I got glasses on the whole character.

Everyone also finds your favorite girl from a total of 70 girls, and enjoy it in various costumes!

The Nintendose switch version “Jur ☆ cancer-bururi Pi” will be released on March 17, 2022.