Since the Anime de Pokémon began decades ago in 1997, Ash Ketchum has been the only protagonist who has known the main series. Although the series has been running for years, Ash himself has never aged everything even though the episodes surpass the thousand at this time, but viajes Pokémon creates the perfect opportunity to finally put Ketchum to graze and give the fans A new protagonist to run the series. While videogames of the franchise have often given them silent protagonists to put on shoes, there are many characters who could take Ash’s role in the future.

Journeys has been preparing the stage for GOH to become the protagonist for some time, with the newer coach of the series following Ash on his trip and adding a warning in which he has been looking to capture the old pokémon known as mew, Adding an interesting wrinkle for the character of the potential protagonist. With Goh sharing objectives similar to those of Ash When trying to become one of the best coaches in the world, it is that aspect of additional personality, which elevates the Journeys co-star to run the series. Ketchum has already won the first Pokémon tournament of him, and imagine how much more interesting would be ash as an obstacle to Goh instead of the continuous hero of history.

Although the series of videogames rarely presents Ash as the main protagonist in his entrances in the Nintendo consoles, we have also had the opportunity to see the derivatives of the Pokémon anime immerse themselves in adventures that did not have Ketchum in front and to the center. Pokémon: Twilight wings and Evolutions of Pokémon gave us the opportunity to explore new worlds with new characters at the head, demonstrating that Ash is not necessarily necessary to correctly examine the world of Pocket Monsters. Even the first Pokémon movie, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, decided to create his own original character and not be delayed on Ash Ketchum’s trip.

Ash Is Leaving The Pokémon Anime?

Ash Ketchum has been the flanger of the Anime Pokémon series for decades, and a change in the protagonists would not only give an opportunity to the anime series, but could also create more interesting stories for Ketchum.

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