Football international Kai Hvertz would pay for the Away Travel with the FC Chelsea because of the sanctions against the Russian club owner Roman Abramovich away travel from his own pocket.

“That would be no problem,” said the 22-year-old at a press conference: “There are more important things in the world just as the question of whether we come to an away game with the plane or bus.” I would pay. “

Only thanks to a special license of the British government Chelsea may continue the game operation at all. Among the editions of Russia invasion to Ukraine is that travel expenses are not allowed to make a away game more than 20,000 pounds (about 24,000 euros). Match tickets and fan articles may not sell Chelsea for the time being. Several advertising partners issued their commitment.

I will PAY for our travel to away games | Lille v Chelsea | Kai Havertz

Despite the sanctions “good mood”

“Everyone knows that it is not easy. The best thing we can do is play a good football. Everything is harder for us at the moment,” said Hvertz in front of the knockout of the English title in the Champions League on Wednesday at OSC Lille In France: “We know that there is a funny situation for everyone in the club.”

Trainer Thomas Tuchel spoke despite the sanctions of a “good mood” in the team. “I am very happy when things calm down and we can talk more about football again,” said the 48-year-old. According to Lille, less staff of London club may be considered common because it must be respected on the financial framework.

“We can arrive at a professional level, it’s not about luxury or bling-bling,” Tuchel said, “As long as we have jerseys and are alive, we will fight hard for the success. We debate the people who support us “