Tax deductions for the development of its game industry in the French presidential election were presented as commitments. Korea Content Promotion Agency said, “Recently, France is spurring the global game industry development plan,” said Cédric O, “Cédric O, a Digital State Secretary of State, announced its tax reform in the game industry.”

Game industry tax deductions are expected to be included in the ‘France 2030’ policy of Mac Long. France has a presidential election in April. The President Mark Long will challenge his association. If you summarize the President Mark Long, the presidential charge of the Games for his association is to benefit from the game industry tax deduction. In the Korean presidential election, there was no detergent benefit for the game industry.

“Today, we have been competing around the world,” said Sedrick O, said, “Today we are competing worldwide in technology,” said the “game should not be considered only as entertainment activities.” The Secretary of Sedrick is a Korean France. Mark Long President Digital Economic Protectors were appointed to the Secretary of 2019.

According to the plan, tax deductions can benefit from up to 6 million euros (about 8.2 billion won). The target is determined by the judging of the committee consisting of the French Gaming Association and the French Video Game Association. All games that benefit benefits should meet the criteria of cultural arts based on solid storytelling, △ European history and cultural heritage.

Even if the system is realized, probabilistic item-oriented business model games are not subject to tax deductions. The tax benefits of France are not the entire game industry or game company, but for individual projects.

The French Game Production Association (SELL) and the French Video Game Association (SNJV) offered the system to the French government. The two associations have announced a strategy to make France into a video game industry within five years. The main strategy is that the video game is regarded as a region of ‘culture’ and raising the national economic support through the economic support of the country, to support the tax benefits in the development of the game. We will focus on ‘France 2030’ policy to support the game industry for all plans △ We will create related curriculum.

On the other hand, there was also a tax benefit to the Korean Games Industry. In May 2019, Park Eun-woo, who was inaugurated at the time, visited the Pangyo Games, mentioned tax reductions. However, in 2020, the Games Industry Promotion Comprehensive Plan announced by the Government did not include tax benefits. At this time, Park Eun-woo said, “There are many things that the game industry contributes to exports, and there is a negligible side of tax in terms of tax benefits,” he said. ” I said.

In the Korean Content Promotion Agency studies released in 2021, the results of detergent benefits to the game industry are clearly valid. Game content production costs are larger than tax reductions, resulting in increase in net income. At that time, the researchers said, “The game industry itself needs to access the new growth engine,” he said, “I would like to introduce a detergent support system that reflects this,” he said.

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The researchers saw that tax deductions to the game industry production cost investment are made up to 2025, and 35.4 billion investments will happen. Production-induced liquid was measured at W67.9bn. I predicted that 499 jobs in the same period would cause a job-induced effect. As a result, investment is more investment than reduced taxes, and it is economically profitable.