There have not been clear results with the coronate tests, declared SC coach Christian Streich, so he did not want to betray before the game against Wolfsburg, who may have infected himself, or how many players could fail. He became a bit more concrete with the injured. Kevin’s pity injured himself in Leipzig in Leipzig, “and it is possible that he fails”. Even at Nico Schlotterbeck (capsule irritation in the knee), which had to be replaced in Leipzig, is still open whether he can accumulate. If the central defender fails, that could certainly pull tactical changes, said prank, without going closer to it.

StarMed COVID-19 testing results glitch solved

Systematically everything open

In the away game at RB he had set up his team for the first time in 3-5-2 because it had “well fit” there. “Against Wolfsburg all systematics are possible,” said the SC coach, especially as it goes for his players, above all, “to improve the ball security”. In Leipzig there were rooms, but they were not used. “With the ball we were not good in the second half,” said prank. He also took his players in protection because they went “over the edge” three days earlier in the cup quarterfinals in Bochum “over the edge” and partly run over 15 kilometers.

Semifinals in the back of the head

He is satisfied with the Cup Los Hamburger SV for the semi-final. “I’m really looking forward to it, because it’s great, a big stadium, a big club,” said prank. He suspects that many SC fans are similar. And even if he would have liked a home game again, he sees an advantage of the journey to the Hanseatic city in April: “In a home game, many thought, that has been played halfway.” The chances in the duel he estimated at 50:50, the day form will decide.

Of course, the dream of the final also has the coach. “It’s great to be in Berlin, and the Karl-Marx-Allee in the team bus drive towards the Olympiastadion, if it bursts from all seams, if possible,” says prank, “and when tens of thousands of Freiburg in our jerseys would be there That would be a great experience – but first we have to be better than the HSV. ” Three times the 56-year-old was already with the A-juniors of the SC in Berlin, and has won the final three times.

U 19 and professionals in the cup equal

Now in the club, they hope to create it with both teams in the capital, because the U19 is also in the semifinals of the Junior DFB Cup. And she also has home rights against Borussia Dortmund, but is rather in the outsider role against the Youth League quarterfinalists. The A-Juniors move for the batch against BVB (Saturday, 11am) to the Dreifstadion, which some players know partly as ball boys of the professionals. 1400 tickets were sold on Thursday, for the Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg in the afternoon, however, there is only a remaining quota of the approved 25,000. The club is therefore promoting to support the offspring in the morning at the old location, and in the afternoon in the new stadium on the other side of the city the professionals.