Snowcastle Games announced the Slow Life ADV “ IKONEI ISLAND: An Earthlock Adventure ” on PC (STeam) and console, and published an announcelaler.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure - Announcement Trailer

This work is a slow life adventure with architecture and craft elements. Curious children’s, Mistiles Magic Island Draw an adventure at Ikoni Island .

Players wake up in Iconi Island surrounded by a rich nature, which inhabits unique sexual areas. We will deepen the bond with them and explore the island freely and reveal the secret mystery. You can harvest various materials using tools and wildlife abilities, build studies, and create resources and items. Using these materials, we will customize Ikoni Island to your own preferences and make it a base to send adventures and slow lives on the island.

“IKONEI ISLAND: An Earthlock Adventure”, which can enjoy the adventure and life on the island, will be released on PC (STeam) and console. We plan to create a roadmap for early access and to announce more content. In addition, the official release date is unknown at the time of writing.