The number three played a major role at Hansa Rostock last Saturday: three times the team of coach Jens Härtel went against the FC Schalke 04 in the lead, but three times they also collected the compensation. Nevertheless, that there was still a victory in the spectacle in the end, made with Danylo Sikan, Robin Meißner and Last Minute Scorers Nils Fröling three Joker in interaction.

Nils Fröling tor mit Schalke 04 | Schalke 04 - Hansa Rostock 3:4
But not enough. For the three new players in the start of the Kogge – Haris Duljevic, Svante Ingelsson and Pascal Breier \ – had previously launched the gates: the former initiated the leadership through Ingelsson, who, like Breier ever, contributed a gate and an assist. The 30-year-old attacker Beier – mind you with his third starting element – used his pace as well as the cold cutishness according to his coach optimally, while Duljevic and everyone prevalent Ingelsson vituted playing pleasure.

If Hansa Rostock wins a game at FC Schalke 04, then that’s exceptional.

Jens Härtel

What led to the fact that the three was in the end also the number, which represented the points on the have side of the Rostocker after the game in Gelsenkirchen. Härtel praised at the press conference: “When Hansa Rostock wins a game at FC Schalke 04, then that’s exceptional. I’m proud of what the team has done.” He stressed that “real ballast” had fallen. Dimitrios Grammozis was dismissed after the game.

“We can not relax”

The surprising threesome was loud loud “with passion, will, and also struggling against resistors” and is supposed to be refined on Friday in the home game against Kiel (18.30 clock, live! At Hansa Rostock) – it remains to be seen whether the trainer for the encounter again acse again in the sleeve has. Finally, the series was ended by three victorious games and climbed 15th place.

Meanwhile, the newly climber Hansa would certainly have inherently inherent in the 2nd league in third last place in the 2nd league. “We can not relax, with 28 points you are increasing”, warps warned, the same thing that meant: “Help victories – one regenerates faster.”