In the criminal case for the 50-humian Dutch international Quincy Promes, new details have apparently come to light. Accordingly, the 30-year-old admittedly admitted to the closest family circle that he tried in July 2020 to baptize his cousin. This suggests recordings of phone calls between Promes and his family published by the Dutch authorities.

So Promes has called his father in the summer of 2020 hours after the incident and asked him why he wanted to protect the victim. “Why are you jumping before him? You saved his life. I would have killed him, you understand me right, right?” Promes said. Ten minutes later he phoned his aunt and his mother. There he was informed that his cousin was violated only on the leg. His answer: “Then he was lucky.”

Promes gives insights into motivation

Promes, who was still in services of Ajax Amsterdam, had been arrested in December 2020 because of suspicion of trying manslaughter and sat a few days in custody. He played his guilt. A few weeks later, in February 2021, he moved to Spartak Moscow, where he still plays today.

In the course of the published calls Promes gave insights into his motive situation. “Nobody will do us. I could not help me. Excuse me, aunt, please forgive me. Forgive me all, I could not resist. I love you too much,” he said.

Dutch football star Quincy Promes charged with attempted murder after ‘stabbing his cousin at family
And on, “My loyalty is my aunt. Who steals you, I’ll kill that. Point. I kill anyone who steals you, everyone who impresses my mother. There are certain people in the family for whom I would kill. I do not care. If someone is disrespectful or trying to talk about our family, he will see how I am. Only then will you see who I am – not the footballer, but the other side of me. Fortunately I no longer deal with a firearm, otherwise the matter would have been ugly. “

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Last November, the prosecutor’s office in Amsterdam officially charged Promes for tried manslaughter and severe maltreatment. When the process starts, is still unclear. In a guilty auspices, it threatens him between 14 and 42 months.