Co-Op delayed again - due to
Halo Infinite started without Coop and Forge Modes, but 343 Industries announced that they were in progress for a later date. Since then, the game had only sparse new content, its roadmap was delayed, which the fans nervously annoyed, and 343 was quiet to provide updates, which caused esports professionals to publicly share their thoughts. 343 has now provided an update, and there is another delay, this time for the implementation of Halo Infinite co-op campaign mode.

In a Halo WayPoint blog post contains the more details about the upcoming season 2 and your changes, 343 explains why Halo Infinite’s campaign cooperation will be delayed. “The reality is that it will take more time to land a high-quality, fully functional 4-player network coal experience in the huge, wide open world of Halo Infinite,” says in the contribution. “We are also committed to a great 2-player split screen coeP experience on all Xbox consoles, from the original Xbox One to Xbox Series X – and the non-linear, wide open sections of the campaign present some great challenges for SplitsCreen, for whose solution we have used more time. “

After the text of the explanation, it sounds like the development team would have thought more problems because it has to develop split-screen coach for all Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One, which was introduced in 2013. Split screen already adds additional load, but add the open world of Halo Infinite, and we could have a situation in which the Xbox One Generation holds back the new generation.

The seasons of Halo Infinite are three months, so the Campaign Cooperation of Halo could be delayed weeks to months, but the statement of 343 lets it sound like the latter. “All this means that we can not deliver the campaign network coop on 3 May, at the beginning of the second season,” the contribution continued. “But we are still aim to deliver Campaign Network Co-op later in Season 2, and we will announce a publication date for this and for Split-Screen Coop as soon as possible.”

343 explains these persistent delays with the clear statement that they do not want to overload the development team. “We also have a” priority zero “, all of whom we do, underpin, namely: team health, with a focus on bringing us into a sustainable development rhythm, so that we offer you all great experiences and at the same time a healthy work / Keep attitude to life can balance. “

In addition to creating new content, 343 also tries to fix some existing problems with the Halo Infinite multiplayer. However, these corrections bring their own disturbances with themselves, such. B. resetting ranks. The player base has been struggling with these interruptions and delays since the start of multiplayer mode in November, and further delays will probably serve to strengthen their frustration.