Some of the most effective tactical weapons in Elden Ring are those with excellent range and fast blows spears are worthwhile tools they should have in their arsenal. Whether you are a strong carpenter or want to enchant a weapon to get more kilometers out of your FP pool, a stitch weapon can prove useful to prevent enemies from come too close. Finding a spear may be more difficult than finding other common weapons, as so many enemies lead swords or axes, but there are a few rewarding, early paths that they can hit. Continue reading for our guide Where to get a spear in Elden Ring!

ELDEN RING SPEAR LOCATIONS: Where to get a thrusting Weapon

There are 2 simple methods that you can use, one of which leads to a guaranteed waste of a high level spear + 7 , or the same spear, but without the built-in upgrades come from some farms. The spears have relatively low skill and starch requirements to guide them, and scaling well on skill.

Method 1: fight patches and kill

Patches can be found in Murkwater Cave, and in this you have to fight against him while he is overflowing and have the choice to spare him when he asks for his life. If you do not listen to him and do it, you will receive the Spear + 7, which is characterized by an excellent loss potential and is relatively easy to reach.

Method 2: Agriculture for spears

Go to the Wall Tower place of grace on castle storm veil. Stay indoors, go to the wooden staircase, there will be a soldier who uses the same spear patches, kill him and travel quickly to the same place of grace until he drops 1. This is a Base Peer and a good alternative if you want to see how the story of patches unfolds in the game. However, if you do not spare it, you can buy some of his goods from the Twin Maiden Husks with his bell camp.

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