Elden Ring gives his players the opportunity to tackle the game in a variety of ways, from a melee-oriented knight to a wizard focused on creating massive damage from afar. Against this background, those who prefer a ranged fight will be pleased to know that the game offers a comprehensive arsenal at arrows, large arrows, crossbow bolts and ballist bolts, which can create medium to high damage. To help you dominate the ranges in the game, find out how to make arrows and crossbow bolts ELDENRING .

How to make arrows and crossbow bolts in elden ring

You can produce arrows and bolts of normal size in ELDEN ring by mainly using Thin Beast Bones that you get through hunting for different medium-sized animals in the Lands Between. To produce enriched arrows and bolts with elements, players must produce them by adding a specific item to the normal procedure. In order to produce great arrows and ballist bolts, the players must use Spaty Beast Bones. Once you have the materials, you can make the projectile of your choice by opening and selecting the craft menu and selecting which project style you want to make. It is also important to point out that producible arrows and bolts in normal size have two variants, one of bones and a feathers to produce the feathered variants they need, apart from the animal bones, swing, which may be acquired Through hunting on winged animals and defeating winged enemies. Apart from that, fertilized arrows are more precise and can fly longer in contrast to the basic variants. To summarize it again, here’s how to make arrows and bolts in Elden Ring:

  • Open the menu in the game.
  • Go to “Item Crafting”.
  • Select your desired arrow or bolt type.
  • Select the amount you want to make.
  • Confirm the production.

How to get new recipes for arrows and bolts

Just like all manufacturable objects available in Elden Ring, you can learn how to make new types of arrows and bolts by purchasing Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbooks with which you can expand your craft repertoire. Cook books can be purchased by exploring the many dungeons available in Lands Between, and bought volumes from the many merchants in the region.

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ELDENRING is currently available exclusively via Steam for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can view our review of the latest epic of From Software.

  • This article was updated on 4 March 2022

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