[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing Reporter] Golf material games that have grown P2E elements are released in the global market in March. Jangre other than RPG is expected to be a gauge to be verified in the P2E market.

According to the 4th game industry, Neowiz forms the first P2E game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ in March to formulate the first P2E game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ in the global market. Crypto Golf Impact is a game that applies a block chain technology to sports mobile game ‘Golf Impact’. Real-time PVP (confrontation between users), etc., can be replaced with the S2 token by obtaining ‘Crystal’ in the game, and participated in the ‘daily mission’ or championship.

In the second quarter, Cacao Games is a casual golf game ‘Friends Shot: Anyone Golf’. Lim Young Joon Boranatt’s Supreme Business Officer (CBO) introduces onboarded roadmap on Boranattwak Partners Day, and “2Q11 Friends Shot: Everybody took a casual golf game that grafted token token token token to Golf “I plan to introduce a casual battle puzzle, PVP sports games, and” I am also preparing for NFT Land-based games, social casinos, “in the third quarter.”

Com2us is also expected to show Golf P2E games based on the ‘Golf Star’ intellectual property right (IP) in the second half of this year. The Golf Star, which was released in 2013, has recorded the first place of Apple App Store Sports Game Sales in 67 countries. Com2us is a plan to secure sports genres in the P2E lineup through a golf star.

These companies are still a business secret for the specific application of P2E in a golf game. Golf material P2E game is unreasonable as it is not as truncated as a rare as it is unclear. The industry is expected to be a way to win the victory in the golf as designed as a token Economy, which gives a reward to a token according to success.

In the meantime, domestic game companies have often referred to a large-scale multi-adoption role as a genre that matches the P2E model. This is because it is a number of elements that can combine Token Economy ‘in the quests in MMORPG, and the factors such as pamming.

For example, in the case of WMATE MMORPG ‘Mir 4 Global’ pioneered P2E market, we can smelen the core goods ‘Black iron’ in the game, and it is smelable with the 4 utility coin ‘Drake’ and can be replaced with a wemix. The character is also a NFT reconciliation. After watching the actual Mir 4 global box office, a number of vendors who have jumped into the P2E market are paying MMORPG.

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Among these, the P2E golf game appears to have an opportunity to appear in various genres of P2E games that are not limited to RPG, such as sports and casual genres.

Industry officials say, “It seems that” I will judge P2E based on a game with a good place in each company, “said MMORPG (in P2E),” MMORPG (P2E) might be the most suitable, Every time I set the criteria, each of which will give each other’s game of the genre. “