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Valve started a free distribution of “ Aperture Desk Job ” on March 2. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and supports Japanese display. This work is developed for Steam Deck, and a controller is required to play with a PC.

“Aperture desk Job” is an adventure game based on the view of the world of puzzle games “Portal”. A new employee who just joined Aperture Science. I will work in the underground work, along with my favorite artificial intelligence Gradi. The work is the product inspection officer. We will check out the product and toilet bowls that flow from the belt conveyor.

A desk is provided in front of the player’s eyes. A button corresponding to the controller / Steam Deck, such as the ABXY button or LR trigger, is available at the desk. By pushing these buttons as specified, it will be examined whether the toilet functions firmly.

I wonder if the monotonous work is repeated, and the situation is unusual. The player will cut out various aspects based on the desk button operation. Although details will be down, various situations will be awaited, such as simple button operations, but sometimes precise operations are also required. There is also a scene where gyro operation and speech recognition are required, and the player can not get bored.

As Valve is mentioned on the store page, this work is not a regular sequel to be a “Portal” numbering work, but the length is compact about 1 hour. However, the fact that the world view of “Portal” is further expanded is also hidden, and the series fan will be a highly satisfied work.

“Aperture Desk Job” is under distribution for PC with STeam. Be careful because the controller is required for the operation.