It is not a rarity that online retailer Amazon sends new computer games before the official start date on pre-orderers and pre-order. Although that is actually strictly banned, the Group always passes this logistic breakdown again and again. Background is mostly that the company’s waiting gamer wants to supply the game as punctually as possible – and the delivery then runs faster than planned. As a rule, however, it is a maximum of one to two days, which are allowed to play a few happy early buyers in front of everyone else. In the case of “Gran Turismo 7”, however, Amazon has now been much more drastic in the date.

As reported to, more and more gamblers and gamblers are written in Internet forums, social media and streaming platforms, the racing game for the PlayStation 5 and the PS4 a whopping week on March 4, 2022 Release received. For example, a member of the Internet Forum Reddit wrote about 26 February 2022 in a contribution that the game had just arrived. Another user immediately answered that he also found the game just in his mailbox. Thereafter, more and more reports followed by severely premature deliveries.

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Features still limited

However, the joy of pre-enclosure was damped by the fact that the title requires an active server connection for most functions. As expected, Sony is currently not available yet, so many features of the game simply do not work. Nevertheless, some gamers report that they had already spent hours on the virtual asphalt and only failed to access online functions. Some even pull a first conclusion. This is how one writes about Reddit that the game is great and the soundtrack excellent.

Codes can not be redeemed yet, players and players receive according to the report but right at the beginning of 20,000 units of the Ingame currency. With which you can buy first tuning parts for your vehicle and unlock other content. Some racing fans do not take their premature players publicly with the world. On the streaming platform Twitch already has a whole series of users who transmit the gameplay from “Gran Turismo 7” live in the network. If you do not want to take the anticipation of the title, you should refrain from looking at these streams.