After two long months without a commodity, the anticipation of the young eagle was great on the first home game in the new year, at least the weather did not mean the U23 on Sunday evening. The continuous rain, which was additionally from the strong windbones whistled by the Provincial Young’s Arena, was really nothing for a beautiful weather footballer, but it did not exist on both sides. Rather, the young Prussia accepted the circumstances in the best manner and won the home game against Victoria Clarholz earned after 90 minutes with 2: 0. “The victory is also earned in height. The first half was still balanced. Clarholz squeezed us very intensively, we needed a few minutes to get into the game, “the coach looks back on the initial phase, after which he was allowed to cheer for a first time soon. His team also succeeded successfully and forced a ball loss, the professional loan Deniz Bindemann used to 1: 0 leadership (25th).

AFF U23 Championship 2022 | Laos vs Malaysia highlights

“In the second half, we have then adapted our approach a bit to the circumstances and immediately attacked the free rooms behind the last line of Clarwood.” It was just no longer the very fine blade asked, but also targeted long balls. These circumstances accepted the eagle carriers and adapted to what was required. And thereby also came to their possibilities that they initially develop several times. So the duel remained long exciting until Marius Mause ten minutes before the end of the preliminary work of Deniz Bindemann and Kerem Sensün took 2: 0 guidance for the Eagle carrier (80th). “Overall, this was a top performance of my team after the two-month break. We did not know exactly after the test matches, where we stand and are therefore very satisfied with the performance. We played very intensively, had a good battle ratio and were playfully superior to Clarwood. In addition, we kept the zero at the back, then I am satisfied as a trainer. “