Dennis Schröder has made a great performance jump in his second game for the Houston Rockets.

The German basketball international could not prevent the 121: 124 defeat against the NBA top team Phoenix Suns.

At its first appearance in the starting position, the 28-year-old was the clear leader of his teammates, conducting almost all attacks and self-recorded 23 points, nine templates and six rebounds.

In the meantime, the rockets with twelve points were lead against the currently best NBA team, but made too many simple mistakes and lost.

Dennis Schröder Highlights | Houston Rockets
Schröder had only returned from Boston Celtics to Texas in the exchange for Daniel Theis in the last week, and had seen in the debut two days before the Utah Jazz visibly adaptation problems.

Victory streak of Boston Celtics ends

For the Celtics, a series of last nine victories ended at the 111: 112 against the Detroit Pistons. Theeis came to four meters and three rebounds in almost 16 minutes.

At the top of the Eastern Conference are again the Chicago Bulls, which in 125: 118 against the Sacramento Kings posted their fifth victory in series. The Orlando Magic with the Berlin Franz Wagner documented the Atlanta Hawks 109: 130, Wagner came on twelve counters in his last game before the trip to the All-Star Weekend to Cleveland.

There, the NBA newbie may join the best young player on Friday in the mini-tournament.