The kingdom of chaos is not just the name of the new campaign in Total War: Warhammer 3. It is also a location in which you must enter and fight with the forces of chaos to complete the campaign.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Realm of Chaos Campaign Review

But for this you have to wait. Unlocking of the kingdoms of chaos will not begin until the faults of the chaos will open. They, as a rule, appear by about 30-35 go, although if you have completed certain tasks, you can create faults before.

This gives you access to the four kingdoms of Chaos: Khorn’s kingdom, the kingdom of Tzinc, the kingdom of Nurgoga and the kingdom of Slanesh. Despite the fact that chaos faults are painted in different worlds, they can lead you to any of the four worlds, so there is no need to look for the right 1. However, the color of the fault will affect the fact that the type of army will pass through the spill later.

The leader of your faction should be in a spill with your army, so make sure you are well prepared. Faults can also help you travel around the map. But not everything is so good! Flaws spread damage, so it is better to close them. Faults also remain open only about 15 moves, so you have a limited time to enter the kingdom of chaos and get the soul of the Prince of Demons, which you need.

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