Domestic E Sports Team Cyclops Athlete Gaming announced on February 18 that we canceled the contract with Kbaton. However, the reason for releasing is not revealed and leaves a mystery.

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Cyclops Athlete Gaming is an E-sports team based in Osaka, established in 2016. Operating company is Broadmedia E Sports Co., Ltd. Cyclops Athlete Gaming is known in the FPS tournament, such as “Pubg BattleGrounds” and “Rainbow Six Seas”, and there are players who are active in the fighting game competition such as “Street Fighter V” and “Dragon Ball Fighters”. KBATON players were also known as Cobaton’s name and were active as a manager and creator of the Call of Duty sector.

But February 18, Cyclops Athlete Gaming suddenly cancels the contract with Kbaton. Although not revealed for the reasons, the turmoil of the rusty players may be related.

For example, Cyclops Athlete Gaming has canceled the contract with the “Tekken” Proprayer’s “Tekken” profile. A muka player comments that there is no human rights with a man of 170 cm or less, with the Uber Eats deliverant’s men and after being scolded by the Uber Eats delivery staff. We also brought a discussion with the discriminatory remarks during delivery so far. As a result, the Cyclops Athlete Gaming was announced that the improper remarks and attitude are not allowed (related articles).

At that time, the behavior was investigated by other players from Cyclops Athlete Gaming. It is Kbaton athletes that was noticed there. KBATON players comment on the early morning of February 17, with other users, and comments that the players of their own team are talked about. He left remarks such as “I did not think that this important thing” “Internet scared”. From there, users who discover the past behavior of KBATON players appear, and they have been saying “Homo” as a nuance that discriminates disadvantages such as “Gaigi” and “Ikenuma” It has been reported.

Those remarks have many in 2016 or 2017. Nevertheless, Cyclops Athlete Gaming has a statement that “any discriminatory, insulting acts, sponsorships and sponsors etc. can not be forgiven” It was also pointed out that it was inconsistent with. Then Kbaton player deletes his own Twitter account. However, Cyclops Athlete Gaming seems to have decided to cancel the contract with the player quickly. Although the contract release reason is not obvious, it is likely to be related to the past behavior. In any case, Cyclops Athlete Gaming and the team of the same team, and the entire e-sports player may have a need to be careful about their own behavior.