In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy is wearing in the eponymous forbidden west in which she is looking for the cause of a new threat to the world. Of course, it meets several mechanical engineering, popular trunks and characters, some of which even become friends.

The campaign of the game is divided into several major major missions, which gradually guide you through the game and, above all, the game world, from which you are gradually traveling and exploring new parts and areas.

  • Total number of main missions: 17

Below you will find a list of all major missions in Horizon Forbidden West, on the basis of which you can read how far you have progressed in the campaign. The main quests are arranged in chronological order. Attention, the titles of the main missions can already contain smaller spoilers!

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All main missions from Horizon Forbidden West

Important! Each of the main missions has a certain step recommendation. At the time you want to tackle a specific Main Quest, you should have ideally achieved this stage. From our own experience, we can say that you should follow this recommendation. Although missions are also to create lower levels, but sometimes much heavier than with the corresponding recommendation rank.

Side tasks necessary: ​​ Especially the later recommended levels can not be achieved through the pure blocks of the main missions. So ask you to do some of the numerous co-missions or tasks in the game when you want to achieve your corresponding level.

So long takes the story of Horizon Forbidden West

Time: Of course it is difficult for an open World game to determine an average game time for coping with the Main Quest. At least 30 hours you can plan.

More about playing time and how long your circa needs for the 100 percent , you read here:

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Horizon Forbidden West – Time: As long lasts the story


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Horizon Forbidden West appears on February 18, 2022 for the PS5 and the PS4. The title is the second game in the Horizon franchise and the successor to Horizon Forbidden West published by Guerrilla Games at the beginning of 2017.