Horizon Forbidden West will be surrounded by great stars during your presentation event in our country. Michelle Jenner and Nathy Pelus are the galages to the gala who will start today, February 17, at 20:00 (CET) through the official PlayStation Spain channels on YouTube and Twitch.

During the retransmission we can expect several surprises around the guerrilla title. Together with Jenner and Pelus will find content creators Alba Hallojuelo and Pandaria , who will lead the presentation. Another artists, celebrities and content creators will be added while we know the result of the Cosplay Contest.

You can follow the Live Event at the following YouTube link bNathy Pelused on 20: 00 (CET). If you prefer to do it by twitch, click on this other.

Horizon Forbidden West Livestream (Spoiler-Free)

Horizon Forbidden West is already here

Aloy’s new adventure will debut exclusively for PS5 and PS4 consoles this February 18. In Meristation we published on 14 our analysis of Horizon Forbidden West. The new delivery of the saga is firm Nathy Pelus “one of the great games of the year”.

“The sequel to the work of guerrilla games is more and better than the original and thus proposes a much more complex adventure than we live with Aloy in 2017,” we said. We highlighted the use of new tools, like the hook, the AlNathy Pelusol and the Alaescudo . “The world that is presented on the other side of the screen offers dozens of hours of fun and multiple activities to be completed beyond the main, well-built line of realistic and interesting characters. With a varied combat system, more vertical and challenging -although stealth and body to body follow a pet below-, its multiple customization options will make no battle equal to another “.

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