GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES announced the RPG Game Production Software RPG Game Production Software “RPG Game” series new work “ RPG MAKER UNITE “.

It is the same series for many years, but in this “RPG Maker Unite”, as a significant change, from its own game engine, the general purpose game engine “Unity” will be transferred to the foundation. It seems that the size of the game development without programming language is unique to the series, and it seems to be more functional. In addition, the name of the work is now named “Tsukool” to “Maker”, and the overseas version has been integrated with the overseas version.

By the way, the “RPG クク ク シ” series originally developed as the existence close to the game production game like the main unit and the tool tied. However, when the same work has changed the shape, the existence as a single distribution that specializes in the game production of the “RPG” style of the “RPG” to be sent in Japan, the so-called “free game” Matching the demand for “coterie game” titles. It was decided to extend the share largely.

In DLSite etc., the game that adopted “RPG Tukour” is now raised. On the other hand, even if it is a developer who has adopted the same series, as the development scale increases, the introduction of high-speed animation functions, and other functionality, the transition to Unity is seen in recent years It is. In addition, for general titles, there are few developers who want to expand to mobile and Nintendose switches, etc. Is this “UNITE” that can also be a native output to Unity mobile apps?

Also, speaking of “Unity”, 3D. Today, Booth, etc. is distributed, and a commercially available high quality character asset is distributed, and considering the existence of character creation tools such as “Vroid”, the user who wants to expect 3D functions to “UNITE” this time It may not be possible.

“RPG Maker Unite” will be released in Steam and Unity Asset Stores within 2022. In STEAM, a large number of related software is being sent to February 22 as a Memorial Sale of “Tsukul’s Day”.