Just a few hours ago, Blizzard revealed the date on which the last important patch for World of Warcraft will be implemented: Shadowlands. It is a very anticipated version, since World of Warcraft is at a key moment in its history. The competition is sweet with Final Fantasy XIV and the brand new Lost Ark, as well as will be the first great launch of Blizzard after the advertisement of the purchase by Xbox.

We present the patch 9.2: End of eternity, and its implementation is scheduled for on Wednesday, January 22, 2022 on the servers!

Official Press release of Blizzard

Get ready to rid the war against Zovaal, the elusive jailer who governs the jaws in Shadowlands:

_ With the help of prelate, you can enter a new and strange land: Zereth Mortis. The first designed Zereth Mortis as a workshop to create the beyond. Its inhabitants, the automa, have built everything that exists in the somber lands. It is a supernatural place that challenges all the concepts of reality or physics. The intention of the jailer is to use the secrets of the place to remodel reality and bend according to his evil designs._

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He knows new allies, the illuminated, learn the lyrical running language of the automata and join the campaign against the forces of the jailer before he achieves his goal within the tomb of the first.

Season 2 of Shadowlands will end soon

The end of Shadowlands season is approaching, here you have a summary of what awaits you:

Season 2 of Shadowlands: JCJ

The current JCJ content season of Shadowlands will come to an end on February 22 at 22:00 CET.

Once the season ends, you will not be able to get more rewards or seasonal titles, nor progress on the classification table of Shadowlands season 2.

Shadowlands Season 2: Mythical +

The current Season of Gerta + Content will end with regional maintenance on February 23. Once the season is finished, 0.1% players will be counted with the required rating to obtain the achievement and the title of “tormented hero”.

The tormented hero title will be awarded in the weeks after the end of the season, so be sure not to make any change of faction until you get it.

A preseason will take place during the following week at the end of the season. After the low season, the shadowlands season 3 will begin the week of March 1, after the weekly maintenance in each region.

JCJ enteason

Players will still be able to participate in PVP classified and win rewards, but the classification tables will freeze.

Pre-season mythical +

The mythical dungeons will continue to be available with affairs and rewards of the 2. Mythic + Ranking season will remain cumulative and the season achievements will remain available, with the exception of the title and the achievement “tormented hero”.

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