Last updated there is September 6, 2020

While the campaign levels available in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’s original games offered fantastic content to solo players, which has made such fantastic experiences, the multiplayer offers.

Not only did you and a friend were able to join you in the same arena for intense fights, but that included a bunch of other fantastic multiplayer modes that have kept the pleasure longer than the solo mode, like horse, where you would be In competition with each other to earn individual battles and avoid receiving the dreaded letters from the animal.

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The question is, with the advantages of the modern video game, the Skater 1 + 2 of Tony Hawk does it offer an online multiplayer mode compatible with the classic multiplayer mode in the game shared screen?

The answer is yes, there is an online multiplayer mode in the game, but at the moment, the number of options is quite limited. You can not just join a private session with you and a friend who emulated the shared screen options. However, you can party with friends in the multiplayer menu and play with them in the modes available online.

When you head to the game multiplayer menu, currently your only option is to play a quick playlist, and from there you can play two game modes. These are jams and competitive.

In Jams, you will face other skaters in an unclassified style that will allow you to face others in a variety of combos and score battles on the cards of both games. In competitive, this is accelerated because you will face other players in more competitive circumstances and is for those looking for a more serious challenge.