In the middle of December, the DFB duo from Umut ‘Umut’ Gültekin and Mustafa ‘Xmuster19’ Cankal had finished the first game week of the play-inss still in second place and prevents the descent from division one of the second European conference confident sovereign. In the second game week, Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen and Kai ‘Hensoo’ Hense was under the wheels.

Five points from 14 games against seven opponents is the sad balance, which was certain for certainty on Friday night. This yield means the last place and the course in Division two – the residue on the seven placed Bulgaria was rich six counters. ‘DullenMike’ and ‘Hensoo’ won only a single game against Scotland (4: 1).

Twice 0: 6 for false start

But in turn: Already at the kick-off on Thursday, there was a surprising 0: 6 (1: 5 and 1: 3) against the Bulgarian ‘Bgsanchez’ and ‘Jorjewin’ in two encounters. After the subsequent duel with the Spaniard state of the false start – also against ‘Adrimaan01’ and ‘Neat’ (0: 6 after 1: 6 and 1: 2) was nothing to get for the DFB duo.

Answend, ‘DullenMike’ and ‘Hensoo’ against Russia again not again, at the 1: 4 (0: 0 and 1: 3) but after all the first point was brought – ‘funkiser’ and ‘Abeldos’ were still too strong. Only against the Scots ‘Adamryan’ and ‘MarcMarleyyy’ conceded the German double no overall defeat – but the 4: 1 success was compensated by a 2: 3 in the second game.

No improvement on Friday

Anyone who has now suspected that Neuhausen and Hense would not show a reaction after the catastrophic Thursday 24 hours later, saw himself deceived. At the 0: 6 (0: 2 and 0: 4) against the Portuguese ‘TUGA810’ and ‘Diogo’ achieved ‘DullenMike’ and ‘Hensoo’ not even a goal – the descent was almost fixed afterwards.

The last point of the second play-to-game week was the DFB against the Italian ‘Guarinojr’ and ‘Obrun2002’ (1: 4 after 1: 2 and 1: 1). Finally, there were two more clear bankrupts in the duel with the Sweden ‘Ollito’ and ‘Oliboli’ (0: 6 after 0: 3 and 0: 6). In addition to Germany, Russia and Bulgaria also need to start the course in the second division, Spain secured the weekly win.

The play-inss pressure is growing

As a result, the descent has a new pressure situation for the enamel team: is missed in the third game week of the recruitment, the direct entry into the play-offs of the FIFAE Nations Series can be made over the Consistency Ranking. In view of the more than lean yield this week, the chance is low.

If Germany does not create the direct jump into the play-offs, the team must take the detour via the Main Stage of Fifae Nations Online Qualifiers. A scenario that the DFB would certainly like to prevent. According to the previous rhythm, the play-ins would be ‘umute’ and ‘xmuster19’ again in the coming game week.

Rising oblique in the third week

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Then, in the second division, the enamel team hits Estonia, Slovakia, Iceland and Northern Ireland in the second division, a place in top trio is absolute duty. Romania, Belgium and Finland, which were two in the first game week in Division two, take the opposite way and back to the upper house.

In the first European Conference, Denmark in parallel, the second game week of the division has completed one as a group winner. In Division two say goodbye Meanwhere, Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – the ascent celebrated on Friday, on the other hand, England, Israel and Malta.

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