What had not been discussed everything leading up to this Californian duel over 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The since 2017 worked in San Francisco former playmaker of the New England Patriots and former apprentice of Tom Brady would definitely make the odd mistake and the game against the star-occupied Rams might therefore can not decide in favor of its colors.

But the 30-year-old delivered focused over long distances (a few dangerous passes were from time to time it) from – as well as its by men special teams and the defense of San Francisco. Everything initiated by head coach Kyle Shanahan, who presented himself again well prepared after six wins in a row against his former coach colleagues in Washington, Sean McVay.

It started in Sofi stage but first with a nervous start on both sides and a strong drive of the Rams on running back Cam Akers or the star receiver Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. But arrived in the “Red Zone” made the pre-season especially for expensive capital from Detroit brought top quarterback Matthew Stafford an interception – Safety Jimmie Ward caught the “egg”. Whether it was because of the atmosphere? Because in the Super Bowl venue attended had traveled Niners fans en masse again, as in Week 18 for complete home game atmosphere (Rams wanted to buy tickets limitations such a scenario actually still as possible prevent).

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27. January 202243: 49 minutes

49ers vs. Rams NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

# 3: Who will make it in the Super Bowl? Chiefs vs. Bengals, 49ers vs. Rams

Wild, dramatic, NFL. In episode 3 of the new “Icing the end” podcast in cooperation between the end and footballing, we look at the playoff duels in the NFL. After the wrong Divisional Games consequences next Sunday (30.1.) Now the Conference Championship Games. The Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers are. Detti, Shuan, André and Kucze look ahead on the NFL “semi-final” and at the end of each return their results. The next episode of “Icing The end” – this time then with a view of the Super Bowl – there are already coming Thursday. Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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Points should the interception but also first for the Niners, the around the beefy defensive end Aaron Donald outcrop against the biting Defense of L.A.’s teeth, not bring. As a week earlier in the icy Lambeau Field to Green Bay (13:10) hinted at involving the 49ers an uphill struggle around next round, where little things would make the decision.

Stafford, Kupp, 7: 0 lead

After the first 15 minutes it was just 0: 0 as well as yet deep into the second quarter into it. Good scenes the respective defense had repeatedly answers for stops in store. powerful so even after another good drive for the visitors from L.A., as defensive end Nick Bosa with a “bag” for Stafford yard loss provoked. The following “3rd & 13” the Rams made but first short work: Stafford threw a bear for 16 yards deep right into the end zone for sovereign capturing top receiver Cooper Kupp. And so a very strong but drive over 97 yards, 9:33 minutes and a total of 18 plays (all Saisonbestwerte Los Angeles) with 7 was: finished 0th

Garoppolo, Deebo, 7: 7-balancing and 10: 7-guiding

Now the guest was the first time really in demand – and should provide: Garoppolo found on the left side until Brandon Aiyuk for 31 yards before a short passing on rounder Deebo Samuel followed. And the versatile athlete who often comes as a skilled wide receiver than running back to use and powerful impressed so this season, had allowed any opponent more than 44 yards stand and jumped to 7: 7 compensation in the Endz1. The fire this Californian duel of two rivals cooked so that more and more also in the form of points.

On the other hand rookie receiver Ben Skowronek missed shortly after a bullet from Stafford to actually feasible touchdown to lead again. Sun jumped for the home side just a field goal attempt of proud 54 yards by Matt Gay out – and the 27-year-old missed the possible 10: 7, just before the break on the other side for another good drive with some Garoppolo -Pässen should fall on top tight end George Kittle for eleven yards around. end Robbie Gould (39) turned out of 38 yards.

Kittle levitates the Niners

After the rest, more precisely 7:53 minutes before the end of the third quarter, the Sofi Stadium once again loud cheering storms of many, many 49ers fans. The reason: In a yelped fourth attempt, a quarterback of Sneak from Stafford failed (subsequent challenge of Head Coach Mcvay also hit crooked), so the guests from San Francisco almostoked the ball to the centerline. Thus, Los Angeles, which had minus two yards since the start of Quarter number three at that time, had little together. Also from the highly praised defense around Donald, Miller, Jalen Ramsey or the retirement Eric Weddle (37) came under the eyes of known guests such as NBA and Lakers legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson or Hollywood Icon Leonardo Dicaprio little.

In contrast to the Niners, where the omnipresente Elebo Samuel (at the end of 72 Receiving Yards, 26 Rushing Yards, a TD) despite a meantime tough tackling including long treatment break with his secondary men. Likewise, Garoppolo, which attached a fine litter over 16 yards to the left into the end zone in the highly high-ending tight end kittle. Catch, short extensive jubilation, extra point – and the clear 17: 7 lead was in the books. Long faces at the RAMS fans were the result.

Vertane Interception, Compensation and Fatal Garoppolo Errors

Has well played, in the end but with the one mistake sealed the Super Bowl entry for the RAMs: 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Getty Images

Especially since your team did not want to recover from this residue, there was a lack of funds and also of clear ideas to seriously remove the greedy defense of the guests as well as regularly. The loss of two spending before the start of the fourth quarter did not help. Only a good drive over 75 yards velvet Clever Touchdown Pass of Stafford on Dress (eleven yards) took the sleeping giants from the Tristesse – 14:17 it was followed, everything seemed open again. Although the RAMs also played on their third time (nearest challenge in an alleged fumble of Fullback Kyle Juszczyk) – and actually, for a wild litter of Stafford, it would have had to give an interception of Safety Jaquiski Tarrt. But because that did not happen, it went on with the ball. That helped the team with a Field Goal of end Gay from 40 yards to the 17:17 just over six minutes before the game.

And because thereby nothing fell together with the professionals from San Fran, end Gay should be reunited shortly thereafter – 1:46 minutes before the clock ended, he made from 30 yards to the 20: 17 guidance after the meantime 7: 17 residue. Thus, it was clear: the 49ers had to achieve something big again to master the almost secure final feed. Playmaker Garoppolo was especially in demand together with Elebo Samuel. But right here, “Jimmy G” began for many observers of compulsory, typical error (232 yards, two TDS, an int.). With powerful pressure from Donald & Co., the quarterback was confronted the ball – and ultimately into the arms of Linebacker Travin Howard. Thus, the thing was a scratched, Stafford (337 yards, two TDS, an int.) Just had to stick down, did that and was pleased in his first year in the dress of the Rams directly over the large, parent target.

Because the Super Bowl was fixed in its 56th edition (LVI): La meets the night from the 13th to the 14th of February (0.30 am Mez, live! -Ticker near end) on the Cincinnati Bengals, which is powerful this season, previously after a superior catch-up after 3: 21 residue with 27:24 in the extension at the Kansas City Chiefs around Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes won.