In Jamie Bynoe Gittens, Football Bundesligaister Borussia Dortmund has a highly talented wing player. Mike Tullberg, his coach at the U19 of BVB, has now revealed how close the young Englishman is already on a jump to the professionals.

In September 2020, Jamie Bynoe Gittens dared the jump from Manchester City to Borussia Dortmund – and followed the traces of a certain Jadon Sancho. Even today 21-year-old came in teen age to the area of ​​revenue, where he succeeded in the world star in the wind parts.

So far, the 17-year-old Bynoe Gittenens has not yet been, a career with the professionals of black-yellow but the attacker is safely added. “I do not have to say anything about the potential of him. That’s what you see”, “Revierhighly talented” Dortmund’s coach Mike Tullberg for the U19, where Bynoe Gittens plays since his arrival. Due to several injuries, the Youngster so far only comes to eight missions.

“The most important thing is that he gets fit. He is not yet. Since we have a few months for and then we hope that he will eventually play in great stadiums,” said the Dane, who with his team in the A-Junior Bundesliga West after nine playing sovereign leaders.

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BVB: These things must improve Bynoe Gittens

For Tullberg, it is ultimately not on it, “whether he is in March or in June with the professionals”. The main thing is, “that he works if he is there”.

Previously, the 1.75 meter wing player would have to improve two concrete things anyway to get a chance in the squad of head coach Marco Rose: “One is that he has to learn to play the ball at the right moment. Partly he holds the ball Long. He has to be defensively a bit better. “

What Jamie Bynoe Gittens, on the other hand, is already better now, it is likely to open the doors soon to the professionals: “How he is offensive in one thing against one, is at a very different level.”