Fortnite still has many surprises reserved for the rest of the season, and certainly for the beginning of the next 1. Since patch 19.10, data miners manage to isolate data related to possible future characteristics. Hypex compiled them in a Tweet, and there is a lot to do. The filter even estimates that the war between the IO organization and the seven will last more than one season, given the leaks in question.

Giant drills, future vehicles of the game?

If you have been following the plot this season, you have undoubtedly seen them in several places on the island. The IO gradually out of the earth, directly from the other side of the island. These machines could become the future in BiClaza driving vehicles (a pilot + a passenger).

Hypex believes that vehicle files are related to drills because they mention tank traces.

Sprint and Climbing: There will be sport

Adding a dose of dynamism to fights, the sliding function implemented this season 1 is a great success. Epic Games seems to have learned the lesson and, therefore, plans to further enrich the gameplay of movements in his game. Several files have been found, on a “tactical sprint”, which would be activated as a slide, to move even faster.

Hypex also discovered another file called “Clount”. According to the data mining, it could be a climbing or parkour function.

Even more shields!

The list of filter discoveries does not end there. The mention of “overwritten tactical” also appeared in the archives. It does not refer to the classic shield or the HP indicator. Therefore, a new protection indicator would be a priori, which would allow it to go beyond the maximum of 200 HP.

A new weapon that will come out of IO’s settings?

Finally, data miners obtained the statistics of a future thermal weapon. An assault rifle to be accurate. It would only exist in a mythical variant and, therefore, would probably be equipped with a thermal sight.

Weapons statistics

  • Damage: 39
  • Damage to the head: 78

How to Port Fortnite Models (Chapter 3)
* Recharge time: 2 seconds
* Size of the magazine: 15
* Fire rate: 1.8
* DPS: 70