For the PC version of Dying Light 2, the Update 1.04 is available as a download . On Steam, Techland developers share the patch Notes – and thus details of the changes and innovations. Thus, the patch fixes individual crash causes and plays DLSS improvements . There are also bugfixes for the replication of dead body in co-op mode and optimizations for AMD graphics cards. Players had previously reported artifacts in Dying Light 2. After the update, this problem should be a thing of the past.


In addition, according to the new update, it should no longer happen that a dealer does not accept your valuables for unsatisfactory reasons and expand it. We have integrated the full patch notes below. In Changelog Techland shares with , continue to work on bugfixes and optimizations – and gradually to play for Dying Light 2 (Buy Now).

Patch Notes for PC Update 1.04

\ – Fixed Various Game Crashing Bugs
\ – Fixed Ai Dead Body Replication in Co-op
\ – Added DLSS Improvements
\ – Fixed Issue Whhen Players Couldn’t Sell Valuables to Vendor
\ – Fixed Artifacts Being Sometimes Visible On Some AMD Cards
\ – Fixed Mouse Key Binding Options (Meaning: You Should Be Allowed to Rebind Your Mouse Buttons, We Are Still Working On Additional Implementation for Extra Mouse Buttons)

Update for PlayStation and Xbox in work

Also on Xbox and PlayStation is a new update. Concrete patch notes are not available, but extensive previews. Among other things, developers want to tackle problems around the reported stability issues in server connections. In addition, the patch includes optimizations for connection disconnections in Koop lots. In addition, there are individual visual adjustments, balancing improvements and performance optimizations. Especially on PS5, the update should fix disturbing screen flicker.

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