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Elden Ring Player finds true endboss that makes him ridiculous

Elden Ring appeared only a few days ago, but in the social media numerous clips are already shared from the game. So also from a reddit user who found his true end opponent in the game. You will be surprised.

Elden Ring: The worst opponent is fluffy

With a metacritical rating of 95 to 97, depending on the platform, the new Open World Action Role game has taken as a bomb. Fans stuck hourly at hour in this adventure and make up really hard bosses, because the game has the reputation, similar to the dark soul series . (Source: Metacritic)

In this action RPG you have to find your ideal game style by experimenting with a variety of weapons, magical skills and skills , which are available to you in this world. Here it says sometimes to decide which goals you want to do.

Reddit user Nathanial13 decided among other things for a sheep. This, however, turned out to be the true end opponent ** for him.

“I will never recover from this embarrassment,” he wrote to the short video he has published.

Elden Ring - Elden Lord Godfrey Boss Fight & Cutscenes (Hoarah Loux)
It is to be seen, how he runs purposefully on a sheep and already waived with his sword, but the animal skilfully dodged him and funnily roll up to leave the attacker far behind – a herber setback.

Elden Ring: The community feels with him

From the comments can be read out that a large part of the community feels with him, he has to pick up one or the other funny lace, however, :

“He has seen how weak you were. Since he did not even bother to fight against you. You were too slow to take it with his superior speed, you had no chance against him, “Reddit users wrote BWORDGOOD.

_Ihr do not have the game yet? About Amazon you can easily get it home: _

Chelsea vs. Liverpool: Tuchel to blame for Elfer

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has taken responsibility for the final defeat in the English football league, after his goalkeeper chess train was not rising this time.

Thomas Tuchel Interview After a Hard Carabao Cup Loss against Liverpool | Chelsea vs Liverpool

“If you want to blame someone, you give me me. I meet the decisions, and I do not meet her to be the hero,” Tuchel said after the bitter 10: 11 defeat against the FC Liverpool with coach Jürgen Klopp.

Tuchel would have been able to succeed in the extension of the final as in the recovered UEFA Supercup final in August in August in August. At that time, Keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga had also been supplied extra and secured the title with two held penalties against FC Villarreal from Spain. But against Liverpool it went wrong.

“It’s hard, and we feel with him”

In the 120th minute Keppa (27) came to the field as previously discussed for the dating goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, not held by eleven penalties, then to start himself and shoot the ball over the gate of the Reds.

“It’s hard, and we feel with him, but do not blame him. We met the decision as before the last penalty shootout, because Kepa trains every day with the players. And they know how well he is,” explained cloth.

“Falling and getting up. Disappointed after the great effort during the tournament. We continue to work. Thank you @chelseafc family for your support,” Kepa wrote on Instagram.

Mendy may even have been able to go to the Matchwinner. The 29-year-old, which was outstanding over 119 minutes, recently won with the Senegal the Africa Cup against Egypt – where he served an attempt in the final in penalties.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks start late mega-comeback

What a comeback victory of Dallas Mavericks and at the same time a colossal burglary of the Golden State Warriors. Despite a long superiority, the householders still produce the game in the decisive minutes, even because Luka Doncic spent late.

Golden State Warriors (43-18) – Dallas Mavericks (36-25) 101: 107 (boxscore)

The Warriors were able to win their last 62 games when they were in leadership with 20 or more points – the Mavericks finished this series. In the final portion, Golden State broke completely after a long dominance. The MAVs led by Doncic (34, 11 rebounds, 2 assists) in the crucial district a 23: 1 run and fetched the lead at 2:33 minutes on the clock in the game.

“This win shows the character and will of this team,” Movs-Coach Jason Kidd praised the game. “Nobody gets up here.” After a good start to the game, it looked as if the dolls had everything under control from domestic audience. In the first quarter, the Californians score quasily at will and also played without Klay Thompson, who loud Warriors coach Steve Kerr has been sick for a few days. Rookie Mooses Moody was allowed to ran from the beginning, but remained in 25 minutes but pale (5 points, 5 rebounds).

Stephen Curry was the best player of the households (27, 10 assists, 2 steals), but in the final section he lost his touch and was able to record only 5 points at 2/8 try out of the field. A total of more than 8 minutes, the Warriors remained in quarter number four at no point and had to look at how Dallas was compromised.

Spencer Dinwiddie (24, 10/14 FG) had with 10 points in the last 12 minutes large share of the comeback of his team and made his bank in 31 minutes from the bank’s best game in the jersey of the MAVs. Reggie Bullock (12, 2 blocks) and Dorian Finney-Smith (14, 9 rebounds) could also double-digit points, Maxi Glue remained pale in 18 minutes from the bench and only came to 2 points and 6 rebounds.

In the DUBS Andrew Wiggins (18, 2 Steuer) made a decent game, but in the fourth quarter, however, was able to achieve only 3 points and does not turn the late defeat. Gary Payton II scored the third-party points on the direction of Warriors (13, 7/11), otherwise Jonathan Kuminga could show a halfway good performance with 9 points and 4 rebounds.

Warriors dominate the first half and collapse late

Mavericks Comeback vs. Warriors 4th Quarter Highlights
At the local audience, Warriors Furios started in the first quarter and played the MAVs on the wall. At the end of the first section, the DUBS already led 37:24, Wiggins caught a fantastic start and sinked 4/5 try out of the field. Doncic hardly found it and had already recorded 4 turnover in the first quarter of the game, but at least 10 points scored.

When the bench units came to the field, the Warriors cooled down something and the guests came back to 6 points in the meantime. But Golden State replied with two fast threes of Wiggins and Gary Payton II to restore the old 12-point distance.

Doncic could also shine in the second section and achieved only two points, but his backup Spencer Dinwiddie could hit 4/5 litters and hold Dallas as halfway in stroke distance. Finally, the dubs went into the cabin with a break guide from 60:48 and also presented themselves without Thompson until then as clearly better team,

After halftime the same picture: The Mavs and Doncic did not come in while the Warriors played beautiful teambasketball. In the middle of the third section, Curry put the leadership through a deep threesome for the first time to over 20 points. The guests did not fight phases badly, but the constancy was missing. After some good stops, it was slept or not consistently defended enough and Golden State could achieve simple points so often.

With a guided tour of 88:74, it went to the final section and suddenly the two teams were replaced as well. No litter did not want to fall for the Warriors, while the MAVs led by Dinwiddie and Doncic shot a deficit of between 21 points and moored the victory at the end.

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The projection of the DUBS in the West on the Memphis Grizzlies thus melts on 1.5 games and the MAVs ranking on place 5. Through the victory in Portland, Denver is the same (36-25).

MSI and 50,000 won to buy mini PC promotions available to buy pro monitor

MS ICI Co., Ltd. (Representative Execution) opened its promotion of ‘50,000 won’ promotions that can reasonably purchase MSI Pro Monitor with MSI DP21 core series in domestic representative computer comprehensive shopping malls.

This MSI ‘50,000 steamed’ promotions will be held from February 23, 2022 to March 7, and to purchase with the last seller who added 50,000 won to the MSI Mini DP21 Core Series sales through the computerized promotion page for that period Present the promotion.

If you look at a more detailed, MSI mini DP21 I7, i5 exhibition model sales, MSI Pro MP271QP products are presented at MSI mini DP21 I3-10105 model, MSI Pro MP271 products.

In particular, the MSI Mini DP21 Core Series family, which is focused on ‘50,000 steamed’ promotions, is equipped with a mini PC with Intel Core, which has efficient performance on a compact size, which can be used to a variety of families, offices and commercial spaces. In addition, the MSI Pro Monitor family, which is presented with additional payment of 50,000 won, is a steady-selling steady product that has a 27-inch model with a flat IPS panel and a built-in speaker.

Furthermore, this MSI promotion has been able to obtain an economical burden on consumers who want to purchase PCs and monitors at the same time because MSI mini PCs and pro monitors can be obtained through additional payment of 50,000 won.

Meanwhile, MSI, depending on the purchase product, the LED light bar or FHD profile to present an Event and the monitor purchase, depending on the monitor purchase, We are working together with a variety of promotions to be able to make reasonable purchases.

This is the reason why the red patrol is back in Dragon Ball

The catalog of Villanos de Dragon Ball is extensive. From robots, going through criminal organizations, even gods of destruction. However, not many are as iconic as the red patrol. In this way, many were happy when they saw that this team will return in _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _. Now, a producer of this tape has revealed why this particular danger was chosen.

In a panel for the next premiere of this tape, Akio Iyoku, the producer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, revealed why the Red Patrol is back, Especially considered Goku destroyed this organization in the original anime of _Dragon Ball _ , and the last thing we saw from them went to Dr. Gero at Dragon Ball Z. This was what he commented:

BREAKING Dragon Ball Super Super Hero News: NEW MYSTERY CHARACTER to be REVEALED in Merch

“The way we ended up deciding whether or not to include the red patrol was that we first talked about how we wanted the battle to take place on earth. Then, when we decided to fight on Earth, we began to say: ‘Once, there was a red patrol, “and we think about how it could be a battle against an army, not just one by 1. All in the army have their own motivations and way of thinking, including magenta and carmine.

Then we think that because not everyone thinks in the same way, we could paint an image of an interesting antagonist, and that’s how we ended up deciding by the Red Patrol. “

In this way, it is clear that we will see more than just a couple of android by the Red Patrol. Along with this, has also been confirmed that this story is developed mainly on Earth , with Gohan and Piccoro as the defenders in turn.

_ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero_ will be released in Japan next April 22 , and it is expected that at some point of 2022 it is available in the West. On related topics, here is the new progress of the tape. Similarly, Dragon Ball Fighterz will reach Xbox Game Pass for PC on tomorrow.

1. FC Cologne: Europe Cup

After the 1st FC Köln could take the descent from the Bundesliga in the past season only in the relegation, the Cathedral Town Club is currently knocking on the door of the international business. If the Effezh actually qualifies for the Europa League or even Champions League, coach Steffen Baumgart beckons a decent bonus.

As the “Leagues picture” reveals, Baumgart has gained a European Cup premium in his contract. Accordingly, the coach strokes 100,000 euros, the 1st FC Cologne should reach the Europa League.

If Kölner even qualifies for the first time in the club’s history for the royal class, Baumgart concludes the report even 250,000 euros.

Currently the 1st FC Cologne is 35 points from 23 games on the seventh place. In place five, which guarantees participation in the Europa League, it is just two points behind – just like Champions League Square Four.

Deep stacking is therefore no longer announced this season at the Cathedral Stedters. “We are allowed to dream and do not want to have little talks,” Baumgart said after the recent 1-0 (0: 0) against Eintracht Frankfurt and added: “If someone had said in summer that we have this yield in mid-February, I do not know how much money you could have gained. “

1. FC Cologne wants to extend with Baumgart

1. FC Köln (Cologne) | Club History

Interim Leagues Chief Jörg Jakob’s stressed: “We are about to call new seasonal goals and maybe look up.”

The fact that Cologne wants to extend the 2023 expiring Treaty of Baumgart does not surprise in view of the altitude flight.

According to the “League Image”, a new working paper should be signed before the end of the season. Thus, the 50-year-old then beckons a salary increase. He currently entails around 1.2 million euros a year.

4-person Cooperation VR Zombie FPS “After The Fall” New Content Additional “Frontrunner Season” Introduction Video Released

The Netherlands Indie Beloper Vertigo Games has published the Frontrunner Season Trailer of “ After The Fall ” on February 22.

This game has been released in December 2021, with a single play, up to four cooperation and VR-only FPS corresponding to match multi cross-platform play.

This time, a video introducing new elements that appear in the coming months in this work to add content by the season system.

# Horde who intercept the large group of zombies appeared in February

Horde of new game mode appeared soon during February. Added “JUNCTION” and “Highway” Battle with the best weapons prepared with a large group of zombies that can be pushed on two types of Horde maps, and fighting to survive as long as possible. In addition to being adopted an endless rule, another variation will be added in the future.

# New map, enemy, weapons, skin addition added

“Boulevard” for Harvest RUN (harvest operation), “Stockpile” map for PVP, PVP, all kinds of enemy “Free-for-all” rules appear in March. This PVP update also adds specifications that make a reward to the top players per match.

A new enemy “SKIMMER” is also added in March. A new weapon will be added from February to April, and “Revolver” appeared first. It is suggested that the light machine gun and the assault rifle appeared. An unlocked Skin of the new player who can be unlocked in the game’s goal achievement, and the weapon skins are scheduled to be added in March.

These “Frontrunner Season” content is that you can use it free of charge in “Launch Edition” currently on sale.

In the future, the content will be added regularly, “After The Fall” is on sale for PC (Steam) / Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 and RIFT (crossbai compatible) for 4,100 yen / 3,990 yen. On 25, domestic PS VR version will be released. Currently, it is accepted at each store with a booking version of Koch Media sales package version.

U23 starts with earned 2: 0

After two long months without a commodity, the anticipation of the young eagle was great on the first home game in the new year, at least the weather did not mean the U23 on Sunday evening. The continuous rain, which was additionally from the strong windbones whistled by the Provincial Young’s Arena, was really nothing for a beautiful weather footballer, but it did not exist on both sides. Rather, the young Prussia accepted the circumstances in the best manner and won the home game against Victoria Clarholz earned after 90 minutes with 2: 0. “The victory is also earned in height. The first half was still balanced. Clarholz squeezed us very intensively, we needed a few minutes to get into the game, “the coach looks back on the initial phase, after which he was allowed to cheer for a first time soon. His team also succeeded successfully and forced a ball loss, the professional loan Deniz Bindemann used to 1: 0 leadership (25th).

AFF U23 Championship 2022 | Laos vs Malaysia highlights

“In the second half, we have then adapted our approach a bit to the circumstances and immediately attacked the free rooms behind the last line of Clarwood.” It was just no longer the very fine blade asked, but also targeted long balls. These circumstances accepted the eagle carriers and adapted to what was required. And thereby also came to their possibilities that they initially develop several times. So the duel remained long exciting until Marius Mause ten minutes before the end of the preliminary work of Deniz Bindemann and Kerem Sensün took 2: 0 guidance for the Eagle carrier (80th). “Overall, this was a top performance of my team after the two-month break. We did not know exactly after the test matches, where we stand and are therefore very satisfied with the performance. We played very intensively, had a good battle ratio and were playfully superior to Clarwood. In addition, we kept the zero at the back, then I am satisfied as a trainer. “

Microsoft has directly after a disturbing kotick

As the Microsoft Responsible for January 2022 surprisingly announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard announced , was immediately clear to many: The Bobby Kotick-led company is ultimately stumbled over the large sexism scandal of 2021 . Too clearly, the Activision shares had slipped into the basement. Too very stood the mighty CEO in the flakfire of criticism . And: a takeover in such a magnitude (as a reminder: $ 68.7 billion) has certainly been prepared for many months.

When were the first talks?

Of the more surprised, many sector associated and players then when Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained that the Activision takeover was concretely on the table from November. But that does not mean that it could not have given a lot of pre-plenth, right? This time window from November to January seems extremely short. Or has Spencer lied?

More clarity now brings a document of the “United States Securities and Exchange Commission” (via CNBC). In this is a very detailed timeline of events around the takeover:

  • Event 1: On November 16, 2021, Wall Street Journal published a report, according to the Bobby Kotick, to have known sexism incidents . According to this report, the Activision share once again fell by almost $ 10 dollars.
  • Event 2: On November 18, 2021 Phil Spencer wrote an e-mail to his employees, according to the he disturbed and deeply dismayed by what happened to Activision Blizzard .
  • Event 3: On November 19, 2021 Spencer is said to have spoken directly with Bobby Kotick according to the document. Actually, it was about another topic in the conversation, but the Xbox boss used the opportunity to share the CEO: Microsoft would have an interest in discussing certain strategic possibilities.
  • Event 4: On November 20, 2021, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella clearly made Microsoft Activision Blizzard liked to buy.

No eight weeks later, the contoured deal was announced, which clearly shows how uniquely the situation and how struck Activision was after the scandal. For comparison: Sony and Bungie should have negotiated five to six months until one could agree on a takeover here.

More interested parties were there

We still have an exciting detail from the document for you. According to the SEC file, four more companies interested in a takeover should have been interested in the time. These are not mentioned in particular, but there were already rumors about it, that, for example, Facebook should have been an option . Incidentally, one of the companies wanted to take over Blizzard Entertainment and renounce the Activision and King areas. Of course, Microsoft also went very aggressive to secure the whole company as soon as possible before a competitor receives the surcharge.

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Genhin Impact: Place the stone panels back to the right place solution

Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact “When The Sakura Bloom” is there and offers players the opportunity not only Yae Miko, the new 5-star electro Catalyst carrier of the game to add to their squad, but also on a new enkanomiya Event named Three Realms participate Gateway Offering, where they can not only participate in a number of new quests, but also can discover many treasure chairs, which they all reward with Mora, materials and a large amount of Primogems. After this was said, we will now tell you how to place the puzzle “Place the stone panels back to your right places” and complete the world quest “Bunkoku Enigma” in version 2.5 by Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Place the stone panels back to the right place solution

After you have both triggered the Bunkoku Enigma World Quest you can do by talking to the NPC Yabe in the vicinity of the main body of DAINICHI Mikoshi, and every 8 stone panels have scattered in Enkanomiya, you can solve the place stone panels back to your place Right place Place a puzzle by moving the panels so that the shape of the hole can assume shape in the middle. You can check the direction in which you need to move each panel to release the puzzle below.

Place the stone slates back in their proper places Genshin Impact

If you solved the puzzle, just jump down and follow the instructions of the quest to get the ninth stone panel. Once you have received the last part of the puzzle, just go upwards and place the tablet to complete the puzzle completely and unlock the true way to treasure. Once you’ve received the rewards, just return to Yabe to complete the Bunkoku Enigma World Quest and, in addition to many other rewards, get 40 Primogems into your hands.

Genshint Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and Mobile Devices – Android and iOS.

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